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Weekly News: ICE CUBE to do fourth FRIDAY movie, COURTNEY LOVE insults a fan, DEXTER renewed for seasons 7 and 8

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Great new this week especially if you’re a fan of Chris Tucker, Ice Cube or any of the Friday movies, I don’t know about you but, for me the second two movies didn’t quite cut the mustard so to speak but, the first one, the original Friday starring both Tucker as Smokey and Cube as Craig would have to go down as one of the best hood movies of all time.

I absolutely loved the the 1995 original, I lost count of how many times I saw this movie as a teenager, a bit like Menace II Society it’s one of those that during my teenage years you just had to see.

The movie turned Tucker into a bonified movie star and really brought Ice Cube out as a family guy as apposed to the hard ass Compton NWA rapper we all knew previously.  Now New Line Cinema and Ice Cube are sitting down and passing round a joint whilst discussing the possibility of a fourth Friday movie which Ice Cube will will write and lead reprising his role as Craig Jones.

The hope is now that they can also get Chris Tucker on board to make the movie, I can’t really see him turning it down right now, due to his IRS debt and the lack of any other offers Tucker has lost the box office status he once had back in the 90’s.  One problem though the new religion he follows may stop him from performing the same role as he did in the original movie but, they could bring Smokey back as a reformed character.


Next up this week it’s not really news, more of something which just made me laugh.  Courtney Love, heard of her?  Yeah that’s right the one who was married to Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.  Courtney now front’s a band named “Hole” I’m not so sure that’s a great name for a band with a female lead singer and I for one can’t say I have ever even heard of them let alone know any of their music.

Hole were performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil when a fan held up a picture of her late husband, the move didn't really impress Courtney to much and she stormed off stage but not before giving the fan a piece of her mind.  Courtney was tempted back to the stage after no more than a minute but demanded that the fans chanted that the Foo Fighters are Gay, there not of course but what they are is a whole lot better and more successful than her band.

Great news for fans of Dexter this week, cable network Showtime have finally managed to close a deal with Michael C. Hall and have renewed their front running show for two more seasons, which will take the show into it’s eighth season.  Both seasons will consist of 12 episodes each with season 7 scheduled to start production next year in Los Angeles.  Last week’s re-appearance of Brian Moser, The Ice Truck Killer sent audience ratings through the roof and they were the highest they have been since the season 6 premiere.  Michael C. Hall will co produce the show as he does now.
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