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Review: DEXTER 1.1 - Dexter

Monday, 28 November 2011

I have been promising this for long enough now and I thought since I was looking or a new TV show to watch then I really should start to catch up with Dexter, currently in it's sixth season I'm taking you right back to the beginning, maybe you could watch it with me, or maybe you want to keep up with the latest season.  Click HERE to read about episode 6.8 "Sin Of Omission".

I have to say I'm hooked already, I'm up to the third episode so I have some catching up to do reviewing wise.  I found myself comparing certain traits that Dexter has here at the beginning which we still see in the sixth season, I suppose that's due to the fact he's a serial killer, they don't change their habits do they?  You will have to forgive me I don't remember all the names of people but I'm sure you will get who I'm talking about, if not then we'll figure it out.

In season 6 we saw Dexter take hold of Travis in the car, he hid out in the back of his car then held him by the throat with some wire.  Dexter did just that in the opening episode of the first season, I don't remember the guys name but Dexter had him on the kill table before to long.  His kill table features a lot more in these opening three episodes than it does in season 6.

I found it all quite revealing, I did watch it when it first started but I can't remember any of these episodes.  I've found out that Harry is not his real dad, he was adopted or they are his foster parents one of the two, Debra is only his half sister I have always thought the were full brother and sister, I guess they don't need to explain it down the line.  I already know that Brian Moser is the Ice Truck Killer and Dexter's real brother, I won't tell you how I know in case you are not as far into the sixth season as me, enough said.  As I only started watching in season 5 I thought Dexter had only been with Rita from maybe the third or fourth season, turns out not he was with her from the beginning of the show and brought up her kids.

One thing I love about the latest seasons of Dexter is the scenes Michael C. Hall does with James Remar his father Harry in the show, in these early one's they have it so they are flashback to Dexter's childhood showing us that he's always had a dark passenger which Harry has tried to control usually taking him hunting.  I really like this too, I think I'm enjoying it more because I know where things are going with it.  Maybe he should have took to killing dogs (I don't condone that) dogs clearly don't like Dexter that's something shown in the first episode, in the sixth season Brother Sam's dogs don't like him either.

There is no Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) in these early episode, the Quinn type character is played by Erik King, Sgt James Doakes, like Quinn he doesn't like Dexter either, lab geek's as he refers to them.  He is probably just like Quinn, jealous that Dexter solves everything before he does plus La Guerta has a little crush on Dexter maybe he doesn't think that's right.  Speaking of La Guerta that's something else we can relate to season 6. Debra is speaking to Dexter in relation to La Guerta "so young, so much power" that is of course Debra's role now, one which she got at young age.

I'm really enjoying watching the first season and can't believe I didn't stick around the first time round but I'm sure it'll be just as good.  Like reading the old reviews?  Then make sure you follow the blog in some way.  You can do that via RSS, Facebook or Twitter which ever you prefer.  Want to start watching Dexter?  Then head over to my Amazon store, there you can purchase the season 1 box set and keep up with me (links on the left).  Hope you enjoyed reading back on the old episode and like I said above I am three episode in so hopefully they will come through the week for you.
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