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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.8 - Foe

Monday, 21 November 2011

So are we all refreshed?  We have had a couple of week's off from Person of Interest and it came at a time when the show was really just starting to hot up.  I actually really like this show and have missed it the last couple of week's, granted it's not Dexter or Homeland but it does have it's moments.  Unfortunately though this week was not one of those moments and it was all a bit of a let down from what I was expecting.

J.J. Abrams kept things tight knit as usual and brought in an old face that we all remember from Lost, Alan Dale played the mysterious Charles Whitmore the last time I saw him on the screen and his character in this show Ulrich Kohl was no different, equally as mysterious but with nowhere near as much conviction of what Lost had.

Kohl has been missing for over 20 years with everyone thinking he was dead, not even making a transaction from his bank account until he appeared on Finch's little machine.  Who is he?  Wallace Negel at first but, they soon come to realise that he is a German spy named Ulrich Kohl who operated with an elite ops team during the Cold War, whys he back in New York though after all this time off radar?

Answers simple, the deserters who traded him to the American government for their freedom all live their and he has come to get revenge for his former wife who he thinks is dead.  Very soon the body count is on the up and Reese seems to be one step behind the callous killer.

This all got me to thinking about that genius machine again, if it's so clever why didn't it give the SSN numbers for the former team members that Kohl was going to kill, I know his SSN lead Reese and Finch to them anyway but they could probably have stopped the three killings had they had those numbers first or at least at the same time.

For me this episode was way under par from what I've come to expect form this show, it did pick up I thought when Kohl managed to get Reese's gun and tie him up, it was a little feeble the way Reese was taken down by Kohl, for a former CIA operative you would expect him to put up a bit more of a fight.  Like I say though this did lead to the episode hotting up a little especially when Kohl found out that he had a daughter.

The finale was a little hard to believe though wasn't it.  Reese is sitting in the park (Central Park, I presume) with Kohl and just about every uniformed cop and detective are in their looking for them, somehow though Reese manages to escape unseen just in the nick of time as always.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to get caught but he could at least give Detective Carter (Taraj P. Henson) a little hint as to who the guy is cleaning up her streets.  I do think the scenes with Reese and Finch can sometimes come across a little cheesy, especially this week at the beginning "relax Finch it's just tea, I haven't guessed your favourite colour yet.", steady on dude you'll be bringing him flowers next.

So not the best episode of this show, they have time to get over it though Person of Interestwill be having a little break until they roll the rest of the show out.  I don't see a second season coming but it will be nice to see this first one rounded off nicely.  In the mean time I need a new show to watch.
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