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TV Previews: DEXTER 6.9 - Get Gellar, HOMELAND 1.9 - Crossfire, THE WALKING DEAD 2.7 - Pretty Much Dead Already, TERRA NOVA 1.10 - Now You See Me

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well here we go with this weeks previews, I have to be honest they all look pretty impressive.  Can one of my American readers help me out?  It looks like there is no Person Of Interest again this week, but don't worry though, the four shows below will keep you ticking over.

Following a couple of disappointing episodes by Dexter's standards this week's "Get Gellar" looks to be getting back to it's best.  It seems to be a week for adversaries and Dexter teams up with Travis in order to find Gellar, will they ever find him?  I'm not so sure if all my reviews have been right up to now.  Dexter standing covered in blood at the end of this preview suggests that his dark passenger may well be back this week.

Last weeks Homeland had to be the best one so far, and the previews to the show are usually electrifying, "Crossfie" not so much.  The show seems to be taking a political line this week whilst the CIA and FBI continue their hunt for Sgt Watson.  I have no doubt that this episode will be brilliant, Homeland has not faltered once during it's opening season and I don't think it will be starting now.

This is the mid season finale of The Walking Dead and I have to say it's the show I'm least looking forward to, I didn't review it last week basically because I'm getting quite board with it, all the survivors just stuck on Hershal's farm is taking some getting through every week.  This episode is going to have some major improvement to keep my interest.

Am I being optimistic in saying that this week's Terra Nova look's really good?  Like I said last week I'm struggling to come up with a reason to keep watching this show.  I think the previews give us the only bit that's usually any good and the rest just fills in the blanks.  The story does seem to move on a little this week though with Commander Taylor checking out Lucas' drawings on the rocks, there he is joined by Mira, leader of the Sixers and the pair become unlikely allies.

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