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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Like a real blogger I have a story I have a little story for you this week, what does 80's retro mean?  Well judging by the title of this post I'm hoping you got that already born in 82 I'm 29 (just), my latest phone is a Blackberry and Luckily for me or maybe you guys Blackberry are feeling really generous lately, thanks probably to their network downtime problems they have been giving away free apps.

I have to admit downloading apps to my mobile is not really my thing, I really don't have time.  Last week at work a colleague with the same phone said to me have you seen the free gift on Blackberry app world this week, no was my initial reaction because I never look at app world.  I use my phone for four to six things tops, ringing people first off, checking e-mails (3 accounts), Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry messenger, listening to music in my car and I use the Internet occasionally but not often.

Anyway I'm getting off track here back to this app, it's called Shazam, it's one of those song recognition apps that you can hold up to a stereo and it will tell you the name of the song and the person or group who sing it, I thought that might be pretty cool, being a former DJ I can't keep up with everything music wise nowadays, this could help.  I didn't think it would help me this much though, in a way I could put out a whole post on it.

I was at my Grandma's house yesterday, we get dinner there every week (it's awesome) she had her stereo on and a song came on that I've heard many a time before but didn't know the name of , this is the time to put my new app to the test and guess what it worked and threw me the answer I was looking for.  Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lover from 1985, can you believe I was 3 and still I think this is some cool shit (I don't mean shit as in shit).  Of course I never heard the song when I was 3, well I probably had but didn't know about it.  I had the song title now time for YouTube, I have to check this out later when I get home.  I do and bang a post is born.  Check out Stevie's video and I'll tell you the rest after.

Ok I told you I'd be back with the rest of the story, you enjoyed that last video didn't you!  Yeah well keep reading I promise you'll enjoy the next one too.  Back to the story now, I have been away on holidays with my parents since I can remember, I consider myself pretty well travelled.  One thing my parents did is make sure I knew all about England.  I have covered England (British Isles) from head to toe John O Groats to Lands End, pretty much.  I know what your thinking where is this going and what does it have to do with music?  I'll tell you. 

My parents love music and when we went on a staycation as they are now called, the car would be loaded up with CD'S, maybe even tapes (cassettes) back in the day, music was on where ever we went and thanks to the Stevie Wonder YouTube video above I got to find out one of the songs may parents played in the car.  The recommendations was throwing out some guys named Hall and Oates, I had never heard of them.  Looking at the picture I thought 80's, then I saw the song name "Maneater"  I've heard that before.  I took a listen and it lead me to this gem, you have to check out the video.

That takes me to the last track of this weeks mixtape 80's special, the songs I've mentioned above were in my parents Civic (Honda), I'm going Gene Hunt style now and onto my dad's Audi 80 (how retro), I heard a band here named The Fine Young Cannibals, we had the tape how cool is that, do you remember them?  They were like mu favourite band to listen to in the car, I couldn't get enough and that's how I finished my evening off last night, enjoy.

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