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TV Previews: THE WALKING DEAD 2.4 - Cherokee Rose, DEXTER 6.6 - Just Let Go, TERRA NOVA 1.7 - Nightfall, HOMELAND 1.6 - The Good Soldier

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I have to apologize, I can't find a preview for this weeks Person of Interest don't know why.  If you like the show then the review is coming tomorrow of episode 7, the best one yet in my opinion.  In the mean time enjoy these, most of which go out tonight on US TV.

First up for you this week is The Walking Dead, I almost reviewed last week’s episode but I really just couldn’t think of enough to say on the matter.  It is a great show but writing about zombies is proving a challenge to me, I’ll still be watching this week when the survivors morn the death of Otis, cruelly left behind by his wing man last week to face the walkers alone.  What would you have done in that situation?

Next we move onto Dexter and this week sees the action hotting up once more.  I’ve mentioned the last two weeks that Dexter has not added to his killing tally.  This week that will be rectified when his dark passenger comes back in aid of Brother Sam who was shot in the previous episode.  Away from that Gellar’s former student gets brought in by Angel and Quinn to be asked about the book she has in her apartment.

When darkness falls, terror rises.  That’s the slogan from Terra Nova this week, looking at this they are keeping up the momentum from the previous impressive episode.  A meteor is heading towards Terra Nova making the residents dive for cover, then when night falls Mira and her clan come out to play who themselves are heading for the gates of Terra Nova.

Last week’s instalment of Homeland delivered probably the best episode yet and this week it looks great again.  Carrie is left pleading with Saul to keep her job, wanting his approval to continue her pursuit of Brody suspecting he’s a sleeper agent.  Finally allowing her access doesn’t seem to do her any favours though as Brody is put on a polygraph test and would appear to pass with flying colours.

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