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Friday, 25 November 2011

Technically that's a little bit of a lie, I can't actually afford to give you anything as yet.  But it is my plan in the future to start running competitions for DVD's and music when this blog becomes a little more profitable.  So what's new?  Well not to much other than the week I've just had at work, with me and my colleague's finding out that our jobs are not as secure as we thought they might be.

I got to thinking straight away, what else can I do? You know as a proper job.....Well I thought why not start with the thing I know best.  The Internet, more importantly this site and maybe the network I could build up around it. If you have ever read the "About" page on this blog then you will know it came about one night almost a year ago now when I was sitting watching YouTube, go read about if you haven't already.

I started this blog with the hope that one day it may go somewhere, I don't know where exactly, probably on a rubbish heap somewhere if I'm any judge!  I'm not a professional writer, nor do I ever claim to be I just simply say what I think, some times it comes out better than others but I try.

Ok I've rambled on enough now, you came here to read about the new stuff, right?  The template of the blog changed lately and now has a image slider on the "Home" page, not seen it then go check it out, it also has 2 sidebars, the left being the smaller of the two and I have been looking for stuff to fill that one up a little.

First off I put a link to Moves Music & Television's YouTube channel there, in text it wasn't to effective so now I've changed that to a picture link, people like pictures apparently.  So there is the first little bit of networking, I know it's not complicated networking but the YouTube channel also has a link back to the site your on now.

Today I have added another little networking feature, one which I would really like you to bookmark especially if you live in the UK.  I have set up a shop/store with Amazon, you will see the new unit over on your left.  At the top of the unit you can click to visit my store, over there you can buy all the latest DVD's and music as well as all the old classics you know and love.  Make sure you pop over there and check it out, let me know what you think, it's basic I know but it's very easy to use and also has a search feature, so enjoy and happy shopping, like I said feel free to Bookmark the page, as you can with all my pages.

I have said in plenty of my posts I don't get paid for doing this, but I do make little money off advertising so if you want to shout me a beer any time and you see an advert for something you like then don't be shy to follow the link, after you have read my post of course.  This and the new store will all go towards Movies Music & Television running competitions and improving the blog further.

Thanks to all my readers for your continued support and again don't be shy, leave you comments I always respond, maybe not straight away but I will get round to it in the day.  Not following the blog already?  then take a look up the top left, there you can follow us through Facebook, Twitter and via RSS, just pick your favourite.

Thanks again.
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