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Movie Review: KILLER ELITE Starring Jason Statham

Monday, 14 November 2011

Ok apologies for last weeks movie review of Bride Wars, so bad it wasn't even featured on the slider.  I took some stick for the review not about doing it, mainly on watching the movie in the first place (it was my wife's idea, remember), funnily enough it was one of the most read posts of the last week.  My turn to pick the movie this week though and I decided that some major manning up needed to be done, so in the interests of that I watched Killer Elite.

Starring: Jason Statham, Robert De Niro, Clive Owen and Dominic Purcell

The Plot

Based on a true story, a book by Ranulph Finnes.  Killer Elite is set in the 1980's, Jason Statham plays Danny a former Special ops agent who left the game following a hit that went wrong.  Danny's friend and long time mentor Hunter (Robert De Niro) stays in the game and offers to do a job for a Middle Eastern Sheik, he is unable to complete the job and is therefor held hostage until Danny completes it for him.  Undertaking the job soon becomes a lot harder for Danny when he is tracked by Spike, a former member of the SAS and the head of a secret military society.

The Verdict

Don't like this movie? then the first thing you should bye is a pair of balls, I'm not being funny that was a line in the movie, not the first bit obviously.  First off you may not think that watching Jason Statham in the role of a former special ops agent once again will be all that good, this is a lot more realistic than others I've seen.  First when Statham gets shot during the opening scene, he actually looks in pain, then his first major fight scene with Clive Owen it's not totally one sided although Statham wins eventually but it was pretty good.

Being a Jason Statham movie you really should know what to expect, lots of guns, lots of explosions and a lot of hand to hand combat most of which usually looks not possible.  Statham does really step up to the mark for me in Killer Elite, a role that is a lot more serious than say The Transporter movies, as far as ass kicking goes Statham really owns the genre, why?  Because it's believable, you could actually imagine that Statham is that hard.  Yeah all his characters are the same but so what!  Statham is good at what he does, kicking ass.  You wouldn't see Hugh Grant stepping out his comfort zone would you.

One thing I struggled with during the movie was seeing Clive Owen as a former SAS hard man, don't get me wrong he did do a pretty good job but Clive Owen to me is the polite English gentleman type actor, not quite so soft as the afore mentioned Hugh Grant but gentleman like all the same.  If Clive Owen had a fan club (I'm pretty sure he does) then I wouldn't be in it, I can't say that I don't enjoy movies that he's in, I probably haven't seen most of them.  One I do remember was Derailed with Jennifer Aniston, that was a really good movie and also his part in Inside Man with Denzel Washington was another good one but, to see him as a real tough guy is kind of hard for me.  Being a tough guy against Statham, De Niro and Purcell even he just does not quite cut it in my opinion.

Speaking of De Niro, his part in this movie is really quite small the main focus is on Statham and Owen and the cat and mouse chase between them that Statham wins most of the time.  As you would expect though when De Niro is on screen he owns it, I think even star man Statham would admit that and for a guy of his age he doesn't hold back.  De Niro shouldn't be written off for tough action roles just yet, he proves here he can still kick ass.

One person I didn't recognise until about a half hour of the movie was Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break), his acting of the loose cannon former para was exceptional, I remember seeing him in Blade Trinity, he done a great job there and this was no different.  He was a real loose cannon during this movie a real headache for Statham but he showed up and is believable as a tough guy, owed probably to the fact that he was so tough in Prison Break.

Little side note.  Do you know what a "MFWIC" is, no?  I didn't either until I saw this movie.  That means mother f**ker who's in charge, a bit like MILF or DILF, that's a canny little word

Killer Elite was a real enjoyable movie in my opinion, not the best one Statham has ever done, although the story was probably better than most of his other movies.  I haven't seen the original 1975 version but I would imagine that being based on a true story they are not to dissimilar.

Would I watch it again?

I really haven't decided yet, I would have to say that I probably would.  I would like to see it again, it's one of those where you might have missed something.  I would say that if it's Statham kicking ass that you after then this is good but, The Mechanic is probably better action wise.

Rating: MMM
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