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Review: TERRA NOVA 1.9 - Vs.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Terra Nova Is beginning to terrify me, not with fright but the shear fact that this is one TV show that does not appear to be going anywhere fast, what do I want from Terra Nova?  Probably the same thing everyone else does lot's of Dinosaur action, and some sort of gritty storyline between the Terra Nova inhabitants and the Sixers who live outside the compound gates.

For me Terra Nova is spending way to much time on all the little backing stories that no one really cares about, the Shannon’s kids for example.  I am really not interested about the younger two their story lines only seem to be there to fill in the gaps, their son Josh (Landon Labiron) can be forgiven a little, at least he is proving to be a bit of a risk taker mixing it with the Sixers, owing them a favour or two.  Mostly just rebelling against his parents pretty much in a similar fashion that you would have expected his father Jim (Jason O’Mara) to do when he was younger, only problem is Josh’s light rebellion is quickly apologised for at the end of an episode especially when he has done something really bad, like say stealing from his own mother.  That landed him with being grounded this week, the perfect opportunity to rebel but he chooses to stay in the house.

Jim’s main problem with his son is that he associates with Tom who owns the only bar in Terra Nova, he is directly linked with the Sixers but on a business level only.  Commander Taylor arrested him this week and put him through torture Terra Nova style wanting to know why he was informing on Terra Nova to the Sixers, little did Taylor know the Sixers technology is a lot more advanced than his, thanks largely to his son Lucas Who he banished from Terra Nova 5 years ago.

During the interrogation Jim was able to find out that Commander Taylor has a little secret of his own, a skeleton that’s buried under a tree which Jim decides to investigate on the QT, as you would in a Dinosaur infested wilderness, rigtht?  This story did eventually lead to a little meat being put on the bones of Terra Nova this week and has opened up a new (ish) element to the show which could progress into a second season should it get one.

 In probably the only Lost comparison I can think of in this show Taylor finally admitted to Jim that he knows his son Lucas is still alive and communicating with 2149, he works for people back there who want Taylor overthrown as Terra Nova’s commander, Lucas and the Sixers are the people to make that happen.  Lucas leaves drawings on rocks (taking us back to the second episode I think) around Terra Nova for his father to find, antagonising him for ruining his work when he was still living behind the safety of the walls.

That really is about as interesting as things got this week and like I said lst week I'm struggling for a reason to keep watching this show other than I have seen it this far already, all in all Terra Nova has ben going down hill since the pilot and it's not showing any signs of improvement just yet.
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