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Review: TERRA NOVA 1.7 - Proof

Saturday, 19 November 2011

What is going on with all the American TV shows this week?  They all seem to have taken a detour from their main story lines, Terra Nova was no different and although the other shows seemed to work out pretty good Terra Nova failed miserably and in my opinion was a little pointless this week.

After last weeks convincing ending with the Sixers retrieving Lucas’ work from Terra Nova HQ, it set up what should have been an interesting premise for this week, unfortunately the writers seemed to take us off on a little side line and we didn’t get any of the main beefy (ish) story line and were instead treated to a pointless part of the story which seems to have no relevance at all.


The storyline focused on the Shannon’s genius daughter Maddy (Naomi Scott) and her fixation with the colony’s greatest scientist who has just returned following six months in the wilderness.  Maddy has been fixated on this guy since she was a kid even writing to him and managing to get a reply.  The scientist (who’s name I don’t know, or can’t really remember) looked a little like Anthony Hopkins in Zorro, anyone else get that?  Anyway Maddy was so fixated on the guy that it didn’t take her long to figure out that he was a fake, not the real scientist she thought he was, or claimed to be.  She soon finds her life in danger as she goes on her own personal mission to prove that he’s an impostor.


In the mean time, Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) seems to trust Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) more than anyone else in his entire security team, kind of surprising considering the guy has only been there five minutes, although he did save Taylor’s life.  This week Taylor took Jim on a prehistoric fishing adventure, yet another pointless little storyline which bared no relevance to where we left off last week.  Watching Jim Shannon attempt to do battle with a very CGI looking giant prehistoric fish really isn’t my idea of fun.  If I wanted to watch people wrestling with giant fish then I’d watch a fishing program.


There was only one slightly interesting inclusion in this weeks episode which didn’t directly follow on from last weeks show but a little was explained.  Josh Shannon (Landon Liboiron) still owed the Sixers leader Mira a favour, this week that was called in and he had to steal from his own mother, again there was nothing particularly interesting surrounding that, it wasn’t even that gripping.  The fact that Josh was going to come clean to his parents in the end wasn't particularly hard to figure either.  The only interesting bit like I say is that we now know that Mira has been true to her word in that she can communicate with 2149.

From that Commander Taylor was able to figure that his son Lucas, who is a genius, must be responsible for that technology, and there for must have been captured by the Sixers.  Of course we all know that’s not the case his son works alone camping out in the jungle, I presume.

I’m really struggling to come up with any justification to keep watching this show other than I have seen it this far already, it’s is loosing my interest and fast.  People compare it to  lost but, other than it being set in a jungle I really don’t see it.  What do you think of Terra Nova?  Is it keeping your interest?  Or have you already lost interest?
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