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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.7 - Witness

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I was struggling to find the TV preview for Person of Interest this week, thanks to Ruben I now know the reason why.  It's not on this week but, it will be back the week after.  Following this episode I'm not so sure I want it to take a break, this has to be the best episode yet with one almighty twist that I was nowhere near guessing.

It started in a small convenience store with a mob hit, quite why the guy who got shot SSN did not come up on Finch's radar I don't know but that set this episode up.  The hit was part of a war between the Russian and Italian Mafia's in New York.  The hit was witnessed by a school teacher named Burton who is seemingly an innocent party in all of this, for that reason his SSN is pumped out the computer.

The inept police officers need to find him and fast, knowing that the Russian's will be looking for him, luckily for said inept police officers Reese is already on the case and manages to get Burton out of his apartment before the Russians get to him.

The story all centered around a man named Elias, a man no one has ever met.  The dead store owners wife drops by the station and tells police that they will never catch the man who killed her husband but they shouldn't worry to much as Elias would track down the person responsible and kill him.

I really think the police department have a serious corruption problem, there have been two or three episodes now with corrupt police and in this episode it was identified straight away that Scarface (David Valcin) was a corrupt cop and for most of the episode I thought it would be revealed that he was Elias, that's certainly what they let you believe but, this being a J.J. Abrams show I should really have guessed that it wouldn't be that simple.

Ass kicking was also at the max this week, it was gritty and was probably the first episode that made you think with an interesting premise.  Cavizel is really starting to make the role his own, Michael Emmerson turns up week on week and the school teacher played a blinder, he kept it so cool and even had me believing he was completely innocent, I was quite surprised when it was revealed that he was actually Elias.

Did Reese kill anyone this week?  I don't remember.  I do remember that he shot a few people in the leg.  The police really need to be awarding him in some way, the amount of situations he pulls them out of is quite incredible.

The story this week left the door open to be followed on, a follow on which I don't think the shows producers will let lie.  I thought Reese may get his own back on Elias by the end of this episode, obviously he didn't so I'm kind of hoping that they may dip back into the story in some way.  Elias walked off into the sunset so to speak, the inept police still don't know who he is but Reese and Finch do, so here's hoping

Like I said the best episode yet, even better than Mission Creep, my previous favourite.  A week's break (what will I do?)  then back for some more action, I'm hoping the little break is so the rest of the season can be rolled out once it returns.  I can't wait and am now even hoping that this does go into a second season, that of course depends on ratings and weather J.J. Abrams has time.
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