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Review: THE WALKING DEAD 2.5 - Chupacabra

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I haven't posted about this show for a couple of weeks now, no reason other than I find it quite difficult to write about zombies, what is there to say really.  I did make notes on last weeks show but due to the decorating I mentioned in posts earlier this week I never got time to do anything about them.  So I'll give it a try this week.  I really like this show having just got into it at the beginning of the second season, I'm finding that I'm starting to learn more about the characters and their backing stories.

Where were the military bombing?  That was a flashback to the first season I presume, because there weren't that may survivors last week.  This episode was all about the search for Sophia, the 11 year old girl who got lost in the zombie infested woods back in episode one.  What are the chances she's still alive?  Pretty slim I would say but, there are plenty of clues leading us to beileive that she is. 

In the mean time The rest of the gang have been allowed to stay on the ranch but they have to live in tents, I'm not so sure I would like to be sleeping in a tent when there's zombies knocking around, would you?  The ranch owner is a pretty shady dude, he clearly wants a divide between his people and Rick's people.  I don't know if that's just a trust issue or maybe something to do with the little zombie hoarding operation he's got going on in the barn.  He may well be a little racist to.  He clearly stated he didn't want his daughter to have anything to do with the Asian guy (Glenn).  Luckily for Glenn, his daughter has chose to ignore him.  After all he's got 11 condoms left, good times!  Don't do it in the zombie infested barn thought Glenn, you might get bit in the ass. 

I noticed right from the first episode that not everyone liked Rick, Shane and Darryl would clearly be the leaders of that little pack.  With Shane I don't know if it's rebellion or more on the side of guilt over what he did to Otis.  Shane beileives that they should give up on the hunt for Sophia, he tends to agree with me, what chance has she got.  I can't beileive that he had the nerve to speak with Rick about married women, he slept with Lori, Ricks wife who is now pregnant probably with Shane's baby.

I liked the scenes with Daryl this week, I really didnt know to much about him.  This week I learned plenty and we met his brother (who I presume is dead), the show took a little Dexter type turn with his brothers ghost's jibes willing him on to climb up the hill.  His borther looked a little like John Locke from Lost, you think?  Is Daryl going to carry out his brothers request though and put a bullet in Rick, I'd say probbly not but, in the Walking Dead no one's safe so you never know.  Maybe him and Shane will hatch a little plan for a takeover. 

An injured Daryl finally made it back to the camp, only to be shot by a friend, luckily for him she's not a very good shot even with the rifle scope and she only managed to graze him.  Daryl seems to think he's Dolph Lundgren now, he has started collecting ears of his zomibe kills, makes you think he is possibly becoming a little unhinged where he might go and do something crazy.  One question, what is a Chupacabra?  We did get a little laugh thanks to the attempted shooting of Daryl, "I can't beileive I shot Daryl", "don't be to hard on yourself we've all wanted to shoot Daryl"

This was a really good installment of the show, one thing though I was kind of enjoying the movement of the show in earlier episode's where they were actually heading somewhere.  Now they seem to be stuck at the ranch whilst the search for Sophia goes on.  Hopefully they will get moving before long, I mean the guy who owns the ranch doesn't want the there anyway.
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