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New Music Single Releases: 7th November 2011, LOICK ESSIEN, CHRIS BROWN, TINCHY STRYDER and MAVERICK SABRE

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Back as always with this week's new music releases for you, I have to be honest it's quite a good week with some big names for a change.  They must all be readying their albums for Christmas releases or something.  First up;

Chris Brown – 'She Ain't You' The man who is probably more famous for being the X boyfriend of mega star Rhianna, they split when he hit.  Most people would probably have not worked again for something like that but it seems to have sent this guys career sky rocketing.  I have to be honest his music is pretty good and very catchy but, hitting women!!! Come on man.

Cage The Elephant – 'Aberdeen' Formed back in 2006, Cage The Elephant are an American rock band from Kentucky.  This is the latest release from their second album "Thank You, Happy Birthday" which was released in January this year.  As far as this song goes, not my idea of fun but the video is pretty unusual.

Loick Essien – 'Me Without You' This guy is a British singer songwriter and this is the second single from his debut album which is due to be released in January 2012.  I actually like this song and this guy as an artist his first single "How We Roll" featured on must have songs for your iPod a while back now.
The Wombats - '1996' Another British indie rock band for you now, again this music ain't my thing nor have I liked much this band have done in the past.  This song though is actually not bad I could listen to it in the car no problem.
Jessie J (top), JLS

Jessie J – 'Who You Are' Jessie is a British recording artist and songwriter, I'm not the biggest fan of her work but recently I saw her perform live (can't remember where) she was actually pretty amazing, this latest release is from her Boombox series.  That's a stereo in case you're wondering.

JLS – 'Take A Chance On Me' Previously named UFO, these guys finished runners up on the fifth series of The X Factor in 2008.  Since then their popularity has soared and pretty much anything they release goes to number 1.  I have to be honest I really like their music and they are genuinely talented guys, they thoroughly deserve the label of best boy band around right now.

Kele – 'The Hunter EP'
Don't worry I hadn't heard of him either.  Does the band name Block Party mean anything to you?  If so then you've probably heard of him, he is their lead singer.  I'm not the biggest fan of Block Party and as far as this release goes I can't even find a video for it, says a lot I would think.

The Kooks – 'Junk Of The Heart' Some "proper" music for you now.  The Kooks are an English indie rock band, like I said last week I'm not the biggest indie fan nor am I to keen on the Kooks.  This latest single is taken from their new album of the same name, it's not my cup of tea, my favourite from these guys would be "Do You Wanna" from the album "Konk"

Manic Street Preachers – 'This Is The Day' Funnily enough I was just talking about these guys with a friend of mine at the weekend, I was telling him I got tickets to see Noel Gallagher next year and we decided to re-cap who we had seen.  Manic's were on his list, I have to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of the Welsh alternative rock back but this song really isn't to bad.

Maverick Sabre – 'I Need' An English vocalist and rapper from London, I really liked this guys fist release "Let Me Go", no doubt he is a talented guy and his voice is very unique but this latest release just ain't for me.

Pixie Lott (top), The Wombats
 Pixie Lott – 'What Do You Take Me For?' An English singer / songwriter who moonlights as a dancer and actress, to pretty good detail though.  Like sexy half naked women?  Yeah, yeah me too, this video will be right up your street.  It also features Pusha T an American rapper, it's good job you have the half naked ladies in my opinion otherwise I don't think you could bear 3 minutes or so of this.

Sunday Girl – 'Love You More' A new British pop singer who I haven't heard of, this single is taken from her debut album which is yet to be released or even finished for that matter.  The song is garbage so, maybe they won't bother finishing the album.  Refreshing though, she doesn't come from a reality show.

Tinchy Stryder – 'Off The Record' Real name Kwasi Danquah III, Tinchy is a little easier to remember.  He is a Ghanaian British rapper singer and songwriter who has taken the rap world by storm in recent years, this latest offering is actually very catching.  It has all the rap star video traits, nice cars hot girls, shades, and it's pretty cool.

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