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Review: DEXTER 6.7 - Nebraska

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Even before Dexter started this week I cant tell you how excited I was, I cant wait for every episode.  I hope Michael C Hall signs for another two seasons.  Just as I'm saying that I really think this Nebraska turned out to be a bit of a let down

Last week left a dangling carrot for us all to much on this week, the return of Brian Moser (Christian Comargo) season 1's "Ice Truck Killer" and Dexter's brother, seeing as Dexter killed him he was of course the same ghostly appearance that we get with Harry, problem for Dexter was Brian is his darker passenger, and all he wanted Dexter to do was kill innocent people without any proof they had committed a crime, a logic that's way outside of Harry's and Dexter's code.

The episode saw us go on a road trip to Nebraska, for the return of another old character, The Trinity Killer (Arthur).  We all know that's not possible, as Dexter killed him getting revenge for his wife Rita.  Dexter was quick to figure out, thanks to his brother that the only possible solution could be that Arthur's teenage son Jonah (Brando Eaton) had killed his mother and sister.  "It's in his blood", the son of a serial killer becomes a killer himself, a fear that Dexter has constantly for his own son.

Dexter did spend his more sobering moments during the episode trying to shed his dark passenger, or more so trade Brian in and have Harry return, he did ultimately achieve this when he decided that Brother Sam's theory of forgiveness was a much better outcome for Jonah, much to Brian's disappointment.

During the rampage on his way to the mid west he did manage to shag a gas station attendant, a female one of course.  "Just what I needed", I bet there will be a lot of people Googling that gas station right now, problem is the actress who Dexter got to grips with in reality will be a middle aged hairy assed guy.  No one wants that.  You have to take your hat off to Dexter's chat up line, that's never worked for me before.  He was wild during this episode even firing a gun out of his window whilst travelling along the interstate.  Another funny bit was Brian's T-Shirt did anyone notice "Nebraska is for lovers", I'm childish I know.

I don't know any of the music that was used during this episode but I quite liked it, very in keeping with setting of Nebraska.  If anyone knows any of the songs feel free to let me know.
This episode really stood out on it's own, away from the main season 6 storyline, why the writers chose to do this, only they know.  It touched briefly on the story a couple of times when we saw Travis (Colin Hanks) trying harder than ever to distance himself from Professor Gellar (James Edward Olmos), of course the whole audience has figured out that Gellar isn't real so that means Travis is having a battle similar to Dexter's with his dark passenger, maybe the writers have a massive twist up there sleeve there and will reveal to us all that Gellar is in fact real.

The captured girl Hollie (Lacey Beeman) who Travis let go last week, tells Miami Metro that she had 2 captors, one who was younger and the other called the professor.  she does not acknowledge the fact that she ever saw him or spoke to him though, she refers to him as only being spoken to by the younger guy we all know as Travis, this was surely Travis acting out his own little battle with his dark passanger.

This episode probably wasn't the best, it was good don't get me wrong but I think people who have been Dexter fans for a long time and seen all the seasons would enjoy it more.  it helped me because I didn't know to much about Trinity or the Ice Truck killer, so it filled in some gaps but I'm looking forward to this seasons main story line kicking back into action next week.

Dexter Season 6 Bodycount

EP 1: Ben (ambulance driver/technician
EP 1: Roger (ambulance driver/technician)
EP 1: Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)
EP 2: Julio Benes (Gang banger)
EP 3: Walter Kenny (The Tooth Fairy)
EP 6: Nick (Brother Sam Killer)
EP 7: Norm (Creepy Motel guy)

Dexter continues Sunday November 20th on Showtime at 9pm
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