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Review: DEXTER 6.5 - The Angel Of Death

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Remember last weeks show?   Yeah!  Dexter didn't kill anyone.  I kind of thought he may well make up for that this week, turns out not.  Dex had the perfect opportunity too when he hid out in the back of Travis' car, I'm thinking right there that they are going to finish the Doomsday Killer story off quick maybe I was wrong on another point last week saying that Dr Gellar was not real and only a figure of Travis' imagination.  Travis came up with a defence during Dexter's interrogation though putting all the blame for the actual killings of victims on to Gellar's head.

Is this the start of Dexter letting Brother Sam into his head, could Dexter be a reformed character, has he got rid of his dark passenger?  I wouldn't have thought so, I think Dexter will just keep watching Travis until he has actual proof that he is The Doomsday Killer.  I think that's how pretty much every reviewer on the net is hoping things will go as everything I read and hear about seems to say that Gellar is not there at all, remember he only interacts with Travis.

This week we'll go down a different path, what if Travis killed Gellar (his former teacher) and now feels he must carry out the Revelation killings out of guilt.  That leaves Dexter to track and kill a very easy to find Travis who to be honest seems completely inept at anything complicated.  Travis was put in charge of kidnapping a drunken party goer this week for a Whore Of Babylon tableau, he couldn't even get that right and brought some unwanted attention upon himself.  All of this leads you to think that he isn't working alone but, if our theory on Gellar is correct then who is helping Travis?

Enter this weeks new character Carissa Porter (Mariana Klaveno) another former student of Dr Gellar's, who incidentally seems just as creepy as Gellar and Travis.  News of The Doomsday Killer has been plastered all over the papers along with Gellar's face, she has all of those old books with drawings of the Revelation killings in them.  You would think she would tell the police she has them, she clearly knows they are there.  Is she the real Doomsday Killer, maybe Travis' helper?

This also brought up a little sideline story for Angel and Quinn, two characters who are really working well together this season, maybe it's the mix with Angel looking like he's just come off the set of Miami Vice and Quinn looking like an Armani wearing CSI Detective, I don't know.  I have always liked Angel's character I find him pretty funny but I did tire a little of Quinn last season and felt he was acted off the the screen by Peter Wellar.  The story line they became involved with was a little bit unbelievable though, Quinn has turned into a bit of a loose cannon in the latest episodes but to go and sleep with someone who probably will turn out to be key in the Doomsday Killer case is a bit stupid.

What of the other story lines this week, Masuka and his latest intern, the computer genius who Masuka tasked with wiping any trace of the Ice Truck Killer investigation off the Internet after it was stolen the week before, a pointless little story all in all but it does keep us up with Masuka who is pretty funny as always.  Then you have Debra moving out of Dexter's apartment and into a beach house that was the scene of a grisly domestic murder and suicide, thanks to that she is getting cut price rent.  The new Miami Metro detective Mike Anderson seems to be helping her a lot, could this be a inter office love triangle with Debra, Anderson and Quinn?

The best bit of the night would have to be handed to Brother Sam once again, his involvement in this season has been by far the best installment and his scene's this episode leave you wanting more, unfortunately the last scene saw him getting shot, and it didn't look very promising for him.  That's a real shame as him and Dexter are striking up a real friendship with Brother Sam even popping around with beers to see how Harrison was doing.  Dexter seems willing to unveil more about his family and their past to Brother Sam than he has ever done to anyone.  I really hope Brother Sam makes a full recovery starting next week because season 6 of Dexter will not be the same place without him.

I'm really enjoying this season so far and this was another quality installment, I have heard that this season is already drawing alot of comparisons to season 4 and the Trinity Killer in light of that I'm going on a Dexter season 4 marathon tonight and hopefully from that I can draw my own conclusions.

Dexter season 6 body count: 5

EP 1: Ben (ambulance driver/technician

EP 1: Roger (ambulance driver/technician)
EP 1: Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)
EP 2: Julio Benes (Gang banger)

EP 3: Walter Kenny (The Tooth Fairy)

Dexter continues Sunday November 6th at 9pm on Showtime
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