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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ok I'm trying to catch up from all the decorating so here is the mixtape which should have gone out on Thursday.  This week I decided upon a special mixtape for you, last week we looked at 80's retro.  This week we are going to to take  look at some live performances from the bands I mentioned above when they appeared on Later Live with Jools Holland.

First up this week is a collaborative effort from rock singer songwriter Lou Reed and heavy metal band Metallica.  I'm a big Metallica fan especially their older music from late 80's early 90's, I'm not so much a fan of their newer stuff.  Lou Reed, I hadn't heard of.  A quick check on the Internet and a chat with my parents (who thought it was hilarious I hadn't heard of him) and I find out that this Lou Reed guy is actually pretty famous.  His music was pretty alternative, out there you might say, I've tried to listen to some of his stuff but it's not for me.  The collaboration came about after Reed performed with Metallica at the 25th anniversary of the rock and roll hall of fame concert.  The album is named Lulu and they were over in England doing some promotional work playing two songs one named White Light/White Heat which I really didn't like  and before that a song named Iced Honey, the video is below see what you think.  For me the music is good, it gets your foot going but as far as the singing goes from both Reed and James Hetfield it's really not that special.

Next up I'll move onto Florence and The Machine, a band that's featured here on both mixtapes and weekly music release post's.  I like these guys, the band features the vocal talents of Florence Welch and consists of a collaboration of other artists/musicians who are there to back her up.  They made it big back in 2009 when they released their debut album "Lungs", the album was a massive success and sat at number 2 in the albums chart for 5 weeks.  Since then the band have gone from strength to strength and have received praise throughout the music world.  On Jools Holland they performed What The Water Gave Me, very capturing and a whole lot better than Lou and Metallica is my opinion.

Last one to mention now, there a new band from the UK called Various Cruelties.  They are so new that I can't even find anything out about them on the Internet, imagine this.  Various Cruelties get Jools Holland's booking agent on the phone "hey your a new up coming band, Jools wants you to perform on Later Live".  "Wow ok no problem who we on with".  "Ergh Lou Reed and Metallica, good luck".  It's got to be pretty nerve wracking for a new band to perform in front of such huge legends but these guys definitely pulled it out the bag.

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