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Review: DEXTER 6.6 - Just Let Go

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Is Gellar real?  Is he just part of Travis' imagination?  At the beginning of this episode I was left wondering, second guessing myself if you will.  Just as Dexter is tracking Travis through the market place Gellar is not there, the minute Dexter walks away hearing of Brother Sam, Gellar appears.  That kind of settled it for me, he's not real he's Travis' dark passenger.  Travis isn't all bad though, is he?

Last week saw him run over a couple, only to kidnap the wife or girlfriend.  He couldn't do it alone though and he had Gellar in his ear and on the pedal making sure he went through with the job.  The lady was the next victim for them in what would be a "Whore Of Babylon" tableau but, her pleads to Travis must have worked as he let her go.  I knew when he was at the school with to see his sister that he isn't really believing what Gellar is trying to put in his head.  Could we see a twist here Travis turning good, Dexter turning bad, we'll see.

This was another great episode in my opinion, I'm struggling to pick a favourite right now.  Everything worked this week, it was full of action, suspense and as always with Dexter a couple of little twists thrown in with some laughs.

Sadness first off though they killed off Brother Sam, why?  He has been the best character this season I have really enjoyed seeing Mos Def alongside Michael C. Hall, the scenes they were in together ranked up alongside Dexter and his father Harry, I'm sure the writers have good reason for doing it most importantly in this episode when Dexter was all but convinced to shed his dark passenger at the request of Brother Sam, only to be told by Nick the man who murdered him that he wouldn't get caught as nobody had anything on him.  So long Nick, you were such an integral part of the show that you weren't even treated to Dexter's table.  Like Dexter did with Walter Kenny (The Tooth Fairy) he chose an alternative way and drowned Nick in the ocean.

From the moment Dexter grabbed Nick you knew, In all the episodes I have seen I have never seen Dexter so full of rage.  Michael C. Hall really owned the screen at that moment growling almost.  Far from the cool calm and collected serial killer we usually see week in week out Dexter was raging like you've never seen before.  What angered Dexter most though?  For me it wasn't just the fact that Brother Sam his now friend had been murdered, it wasn't that Nick didn't care, it was more that Dexter blamed himself.  Julio Benes was the gang banger killed by Dexter in the second episode "Once Upon A Time", people on the street believed that Brother Sam was responsible for his disappearance.

Dexter was flirting with danger a little earlier in the episode when he went to the garage vigil for Brother Sam, there he asked Nick who was running the underground right now.  Nick gave up a name eventually and Dexter began to watch him but, had he gone and killed him then Nick would surely guess that it was Dexter.  Would that mean he would have to get rid of Nick (not a problem now), he's a serial killer yes but a serial killer with morals (all be it probably warped a little) and at that point Dexter didn't know Nick was guilty of murder.

It was nice to see Harry back for a little mentoring this week, just as Dexter seemed to be loosing control a little, the scene between them is probably one of the more tense ones they have enjoyed.  Dexter now has a new problem though.  Nick his brother, the Ice Truck killer is back, I don't know to much about him only joining up in season 5 but I'm guessing he is Dexter's brother and I gather Dexter only found that out during the Ice Truck killer investigation.  I would imagine this is pretty exciting stuff for people who have followed Dexter from season 1, especially giving that no one would have guessed.  I for one can't wait to see how this one pans out.
Looking forward to the rest of season 6?
I'm going to go off on a little theory now, Masuka's new intern seems to have developed a little fixation with Dexter "this guys a fucking rock star" Masuka replies "this is Miami Metro, were all fucking rock stars".  Anyway thought I would share, it was pretty funny.  This intern, who would like to bet that he's an undercover reporter possibly looking for dirt on Miami Metro or Dexter himself, he is clearly not interested in what Masuka is showing him and did reveal to Angel's sister that he has no interest in forensics and that he's a video game designer doing research, yeah right, he's a reporter.

Other than that this week, Debra is struggling to cope with the loneliness in her new job with Angel looking like the only one she can confide in (office romance possibly) and Quinn is in the thick stuff for sleeping with Carissa Porter, she was the girl in the photo and is now the key witness into the Doomsday killings.

A quick look over this and I think this was in fairness the best episode of the season so far, it has set up such a good premise especially with Dexter and Travis kind of role reversing.  I can't wait for next week.

Dexter season 6 body count: 5

EP 1: Ben (ambulance driver/technician
EP 1: Roger (ambulance driver/technician)
EP 1: Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)
EP 2: Julio Benes (Gang banger)

EP 3: Walter Kenny (The Tooth Fairy)
EP 6: Nick (Brother Sam Killer)

Dexter continues on Showtime Sunday November 13th at 9pm
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