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Thursday, 3 November 2011

So how we doing?  Welcome to the all new MOVIESMUSICANDTELEVISION.COM, You may have noticed some changes around here recently, most notably of which is the new layout and the change in URL.  We are now minus the BLOGSPOT address. 

So the new template, posts will still be layed out the same pretty much but you now have two sidebars and the home screen has an image slider (jquery slider, if your interested).  The main reason for this change is I wanted to distance myself from DAN'S MEDIA DIGEST, an awesome blog which I read daily,  we used the same template which you'll see if you go visit him, none of the writing is the same of course but the sites did look very similar and talk about the same things.
Some of the other changes here are stuff that’s not quite so big but time consuming on my part, time which in all honesty I haven’t really got.  Away from this blogging carry on I do actually have a real job and work shifts, getting more than one post out a day can sometimes be a struggle.  Enough of my whining anyways it was my choice to do this.

I’ve started to put more of a musical feel to the site lately, since it’s in the title of the site I really felt I should be doing more so you now get two posts a week about music, that’s a decision which has done well and the new music post is probably one of my most read, needless to say that post will be continuing.

I get hung up sometimes on what I think I should be writing about, thinking probably that other sites write about this show, maybe I should to.  I cover TV pretty well in my opinion, not quite as well as other sites but the shows currently being reviewed weekly here include: Homeland, Dexter, Terra Nova, Person of Interest and I briefly touched on the season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a show I watch every week now but, I just don’t feel that I can come up with something worth putting out every week.  The same probably goes for Homeland, the show is pretty heavy going.  With these two shows I will probably dip in and out with reviews, meaning if there is something that I can come up with then I’ll put it out, if not then don’t expect to much.

From that there is another new post, the weeks TV previews both The Walking Dead and Homeland will still feature there along with the others as this has been a popular post viewing wise.

As always I’ll be keeping up the with the weekly cinema post, weekly news post, hopefully a weekly movie review and anything else which I think is funny or interesting and worth writing about.

I'll be back a little later with the mixtape, it's an 80's retro one this week, what can I say I was in a retro mood last night.  I would really appreciate your feedback on the new look, make sure you leave a comment below.

On last thing you'll notice the follow buttons for Facebook and Twitter at the top left, click to follow I really appreciate the support.
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