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Review: DEXTER 6.9 - Get Gellar

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I was really looking forward to this weeks episode, I know the previous two haven't been all that but this really stepped things up a gear and has certainly set up an impressive last few episodes.  "Get Gellar" had a great start picking up exactly where it left off last week with Dexter and Travis in the old church.

First off I'll mention Debra who seems to be having the longest shrink session in history, she's been there since last week.  She's had more therapy than Charlie Sheen and seems to be putting pieces together slowly, her therapist has even booked her in for extra sessions, that girls got some issues.

One thing I love about Dexter is the humour involved in the show and man Masuka is funny talking of Quinn this week when he was late for the briefing, he tells Dexter and Batista "he got shit faced last night and started proposing to strippers", he also gave Lewis some sound advice "always follow your dick", following on from that Quinn had to go get his gun back from the strippers car, I think I almost wet myself when that hot girl was at the door and he's all like hey this is awkward, I lost my gun in your car last night.  She replies I think you looking for my mom, Quinn's like hotness like that runs in the family, er no it doesn't she was a horror, maybe I'm just childish but I thought it was funny.

So let's get back to the main story line involving Travis and Gellar, it definitely had you second guessing yourself this week, is Gellar real?  At times I thought he could be but even when they supposedly followed him to the college campus Dexter never saw him, he just went on Travis' word.  It just so happened that Dexter got stuck in the elevator at the point Professor Trent Casey is removed from his officer, but before that Gellar's blog had been updated.  This was easily explained though as Dexter had left Travis with a laptop in the Motel room he put him in.

The next morning Dexter gets the call from Debra to say the killer has struck again, for Travis to have done that on his own even if he did work all night, I don' think would be possible.  That brings me to Masuka's intern Lewis, he decided to take Batista's sister to bed this week and it was revealed that he has the piece of evidence from the Ice Truck Killer investigation in his apartment.  I'm just throwing one out here, Dexter said earlier in the episode that this seasons killer had taken another leaf out of his brother Brian's book, or words similar to that.  Could Lewis be involved in some way, is he helping Travis out drip feeding Info to the police but not letting them get to close?  He did lead them pretty close to the church though, would he have done that?

Not only did I enjoy the beginning of this episode but the ending was equally impressive with Travis unconscious on the floor, Dexter has his own hunt for Gellar.  It's not long before he finds a hatch in the floor and goes down to investigate where he finds Gellar dead in a freezer, he's been there all along like we had all guessed.  Ok we didn't guess that but we knew Gellar was not real.  Dexter sneaking around had me on the end of my seat and it has set up what should be an impressive last few episodes of this season, I didn't want this episode to end and I can't wait for next week.
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