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New UK Cinema Releases 11th November 2011: THE RUM DIARY, IMMORTALS and TRESPASS

Friday, 11 November 2011

A very good week for movie releases once again with three titles that join my ever growing list of movies I want to see, this week also sees the release of the first Christmas movie of the year (the one I'm most likely to see), as always I'll show you the way to IMDB and you can check the trailer for that one over there.  In the mean time lets get on with things here.  Sorry to my regular readers no post yesterday I'm decorating for Christmas so no time for laptop unfortunately, normal service should be resumed over the weekend.

First up it's The Rum Diary starring none other than Johnny Depp, I saw him interviewed on The Graham Norton show in relation to this the other week the movie is based on a novel by the late Hunter S Thompson and was written in either 1959 or 1960 and sat unpublished until Depp convinced him to turn it into something.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Giovanni Ribisi, Amber Heard and Amaury Nolasco

It's the story of American journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp), a freelance writer who finds himself living in the Caribbean.  It's set in the 50's and Kemp is writing for a washed out Puerto Rico newspaper.  Whilst trying to secure something better from himself and settle into island culture Kemp becomes involved with a group of locals all aiming for self destruction.

Set in the Caribbean in the 50's, sounds like and old Elvis Presley movie, only better.  Depp's character is somewhat extrovert as you would expect and I think the movie looks worth your cinema ticket.

Next up this week it's Immortals a movie with a equally impressive cast as The Rum Diary, I saw the first trailer for this that long ago I thought it would have been out by now.

Starring: Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Stephen Dorff and Freida Pinto

Mickey Rourke is out to cause Havoc as King Hyperion, making his way through Greece in search of the Epirus Bow, a weapon that could destroy Humanity if placed into the wrong hands.  Ancient law dictates that the Gods must not intervene so in order to stop King Hyperion Zeus secretly chooses Theseus (Cavill) to save the people from Hyperion and his army.

Not the kind of thing I would usually watch, it took me long enough to see Gladiator, this movie does look really good though and it's one I think you would probably appreciate more if you see it at the cinema.

Last trailer here for you now and it's Nicholas Cage (you know the broke guy) being Nicholas Cage in Trespass.

Starring: Niholas Cage and Nicole Kidman (I haven't heard of the rest)

It's all in the title really, Trespass suggests that Kyle (Cage) is rich, he lives with his very attractive wife Sarah (Kidman) there home gets broken into and they are held to ransom by a ruthless gang of thugs.

Sounds a bit like Hostage starring Bruce Willis, I said above I added it to my watch list, I'll take that back I think I may have seen this movie many times before only with different actors.

Last one to mention this week, it's the first Christmas movie of the season Arthur Christmas is the movie I'm most likely to see out of all the one's I've mentioned.  It comes with an impressive cast (voice's) including James McAvoy and Hugh Laurie, It does look quite good fun to be honest nothing better than a Christmas movie at Christmas.  You can go check out the trailer at IMDB.
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