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Review: HOMELAND 1.7 - The Weekend

Thursday, 17 November 2011

This show is really starting to crank it up a gear now, and this week was no different.  It’s seems Showtime were all about road trips this week with Homeland following a similar path to Dexter’s Nebraska.  The episode made more in roads to the obvious attraction between Brody (Damien Lewis) and Carrie (Claire Danes), some good moments with terrorist Aileen (Marin Ireland) and one quite terrifying reveal, that all but proves that Brody is innocent.

Quite a bit was revealed about Saul this week, especially in relation to his childhood.  He took charge of transporting domesticated terrorist Aileen back to CIA headquarters in Langley after she had tried to board a bus bound for Mexico.  Aileen put on the poor little rich girl show for Saul in telling him why she became a terrorist and she revealed why she bought the house on the flight path for the airport, from the roof a trained sniper could take out the President on the helipad which was exactly one mile away.

In the mean time Brody decided that it was time him and his new lover should be having a dirty weekend away eventually ending up at a cabin owned by Carrie’s family.  That was of course after they have visited the bar a beat up some mouthy Skinhead.  Following all of their good fun Brody finally found out that Carrie’s interest in him isn’t entirely sexual, he got to find out just what she had been suspecting.

That brought a rather abrupt end to their fancy little weekend, and forced Brody to set a few things straight.  First, the reason he has converted to Islam.  Because that’s the only religion available and 8 years being held captive is a long time, he also revealed that why he lied about knowing terrorist Abu Nazir, saying that he had bee the only person who was nice to him during his ordeal.  Both those excuses and all the rest were pretty convincing from Brody and does make you think that he must be really mentally stable to be able to pull off lies like that, considering he does it so coolly.


That’s pretty much when the big reveal comes in from Aileen, she has agreed to help the CIA and has confirmed to Saul that an American POW was turned by Abu Nazier but, it’s not Brody.  It’s Walker, the other captured POW who we have seen flashbacks of Brody beating.  This far on we have all been lead to believe that he was dead, they even had a funeral for him.  Maybe it’s just to obvious though, let’s not forget Aileen knows Abu Nazier (probably), they could be in cahoots and using Walker’s name whilst something far more is going on with the ever cool Brody.  Knowing the way this show goes I can’t guess it, any ideas?

Easily the best episode of the season in that it gave up a lot of information, or so we are led to believe anyway.  There are only five episodes left of this truly impressive show and I can’t wait to see them, then it’s roll on season 2, but if Aileen and Brody are telling the truth then where will that one lead us.
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