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Review: HOMELAND 1.5 - Blindspot

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The saga continues in what was probably the best episode of this show so far, it was classy, slick and quite revealing to some degree.  Of course being a show centred on the CIA and their investigation into terrorism the writers try very hard not to give to much away.

Like any great TV show Homeland keeps you guessing, it puts ideas of situations into your head that make you think there is no other way that could have happened other than how it just did.  Blindspot saw the capture of the only surviving Iraqi soldier (he was actually Syrian) found in the compound where Brody had been held captive for eight years.

Flown into the US by the CIA and quickly whisked off to one of their safe houses Brody's former Guard was about to feel torture USA style, mental torture in allowing him to think that the CIA all ready know everything they need to know about him, and that his unwillingness to talk is only putting his family in danger. 

Saul (Mandy Patinkin) was the man charged with getting the required info from the guard but, how did he know so much.  Step in Brody who would sit and watch the interview with Carrie (Claire Danes), whilst feeding information to Saul via an earpiece and detailing the fact that he was beaten by the man with a stick covered in barbed wire and pissed on.  Brody wanted to speak to him face to face but had to go see the big boss first, would this be a good idea? 

Granted access to his captor Brody takes great delight in telling the soldier the tables have now turned, shoe is on the other foot before being spat on causing a violent outburst from both Brody and the prisoner who only an hour later commits suicide opening up his wrists with a razor blade.  Where did he get the razor blade from?  Carrie thinks Brody slipped it to him as the pair fell into the cameras only blind spot in the room, that’s feasible I suppose but would Brody really want to do that, if he’s been radicalised like Carrie suspects then I suppose he would
Saul refuses to believe that though and is still insisting that Carrie must back off Brody and his family.  It would be a little to obvious for Brody to have done it, what’s to say Saul did not put the razor blade in the Crayon he provided the prisoner with.  After all that was the big reveal this week, Saul is married to an Indian lady who he rarely finds time for due to the stresses of his job.  There is definitely a lot more to be revealed about Saul and possibly his extended family in India.

We saw the more vulnerable side to Carrie this week, following her falling out with Saul she rushed straight to her father’s before heading to her sisters, the place she clearly feels the most comfortable.

This has been by far the best episode yet, with Saul’s interrogation of the Iraqi soldier by far one of the tensest moments I have seen, no doubt the plot will thicken even more next week.

Homeland continues November 6th at 10pm on Showtime.
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