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Review: DEXTER 6.8 - Sin Of Omission

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

"Well look what the fucking cat dragged in", Dexter's back but, is he back to his best?  Not quite yet in my opinion, he returned to Miami this week following his trip to Nebraska. he had tail between his legs making his way straight to Debra's new beach house.  Forgiven very quickly he made his way over to Brother Sam's funeral where we saw Dexter half admit that Brother Sam changed his life.

We were brought back to season 6's storyline this week with the Doomsday Killer(s) being the focus of both Miami Metro and Dexter's investigation, are they looking for one or two though?  We all know Travis is real, Dexter spoke to him a few times during this episode, popular opinion regarding Gellar seems to be that he's only a fragment of Travis' imagination.  I find it hard to believe that the writers would allow us to guess the twist on a show as big as Dexter so quick, don't you?  I really think they may have a little trick up their sleeve for us, or at least I hope they have now that I've said that.

Gellar will probably turn out not to be real but, remember when Debra got onto the name of Travis Marshall, she went to speak with his sister who was very cagey.  I don't know if that was just her knowing that her brother Travis has been acting a little weird, or has Gellar been to see her?  Gellar has been unhappy about the fact that Travis was trying to go straight and eventually his sister became "Whore Of Babylon" as Gellar had threatened earlier in the episode.  I didn't quite expect that, especially if it turns out Gellar is not real, that means Travis killed his own sister, and hit himself in the face with a shovel as well as tying himself to a drain in the hideout he is using.

A few side stories to cover as always, they really are not that interesting but do provide a little light entertainment, especially where Masuka is concerned, this week he went clubbing with Quinn, not to much fun, a pointless little inclusion to be honest.  Then you have Debra seeing her shrink, could prove to be something into her unraveling the truth about who her brother really is.  Last one to mention would be Masuka's intern Louis and his attempt to get with Batista's sister, if Batista hadn't put a stop to it then I'm sure Dexter would have.

Probably the best bit of the episode, if not the season as a whole would be Dexter finally discovering Travis and Gellar's lair, going alone Gellar disappeared the minute he got there, leading you to believe even more that he is not real, the shots of him appearing for Travis to see, but disappearing just before Dexter could see him.  I did think this bit was very good and has set up what should be an excellent episode next week.

So all in all this wasn't the best episode of the season but, it was better than last weeks and has set up what should be a fantastic 50 minutes next week for "Get Gellar".

Dexter Season 6 body count

EP 1: Ben (ambulance driver/technician
EP 1: Roger (ambulance driver/technician)
EP 1: Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)
EP 2: Julio Benes (Gang banger)
EP 3: Walter Kenny (The Tooth Fairy)
EP 6: Nick (Brother Sam Killer)
EP 7: Norm (Creepy Motel guy)

 Dexter continues on Showtime Sunday 27th November 2011 at 9pm.
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