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Sunday, 20 November 2011

This week should see all of our favourite shows back on track, unlike last week when they all seemed to go off on their own in some little way.  Kind of like stand alone episodes, Dexter and Homeland pulled it off but Terra Nova failed miserably in my opinion, so lets get on.

Dexter first off, my favourite show.  Last week we saw Dexter manage to shed his dark passenger Brian Moser, The Ice Truck Killer in what was a stand alone episode which saw Dexter take a trip to Nebraska.  This week seems back on track, back to the main story line of season 6.  Travis (Colin Hanks) would seem to be in a world of trouble with Debra hot on his heels and asking questions, I'm really looking forward to this episode, and remember this show has just been renewed for another two seasons, that's in the news later.

Last weeks big reveal in Homeland was surrounded in mystery a little, we found out that the POW who had been radicalised by terrorist Abu Nazir is not Brody (Damien Lewis), it's his colleague who we were all lead to believe was dead.  I reviewed it saying, was it just a big trick, well it would seem not with Walker now back in the U.S and being very shady in that he's grown himself a beard, changing his appearance a little.  This show is the one which pulled off the stand alone episode the best last week and it would seem that the action is going to kick up another gear it this episode.

The Walking Dead is a show which I've only got into at the beginning of the second season, I have been really enjoying it but last week it reached a bit of a stale mate.  For me the show really needs to get itself moving, the survivours need to move away from the ranch a get going otherwise this show is in trouble of becoming a little boring.

Like I was saying above Terra Nova really didn't impress me much last week, in fact it hasn't impressed me much as a series at all.  I don't think this show will be getting renewed for a second season unless they can come up with something genius in the next few episodes.  On saying that this episode does look pretty good, Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) finds a skull buried in the jungle, the find seems to ruffle a few feathers in Terra Nova base camp.

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