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New Music Single Releases 21st November 2011, CHASE & STATUS, MARY J.BLIGE, KASABIAN and KELLY ROWLAND

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Big Deal – 'Distant Neighborhood' - Never heard of these guys, they are kind of alternative.  Only way to find them is by writing their name and song title into Google otherwise other songs actually named Big Deal beat them to the chase.

Bleeding Knees Club – 'Teenage Girls' - I have to be honest again, I have not heard of these guys.  The reason for that is simple, they are an up coming indie rock band from Australia, they consist of two members one who sings and plays drums the other plays the guitar.

Britney Spears – 'Criminal' - Don't like Britney Spears, don't know about you.  I just can't take her seriously as a musician or artist, piss artist maybe but her music is just not for me, not even as a teenager was I interested in this (music wise).

Kelly Rowland – 'Down For Whatever' - Argh Kelly, the lady who is currently judging on the X Factor UK, yo all know who she is her music is pretty up beat and entertaining, it's not the kind of thing I would have in the car but it's good pop music.

Seranades – 'Come Home EP' - There English apparently, I have never heard of them but they have been on the go for some time, since 1993 in fact.  In that time they have only managed one album though, I think that speaks for itself really.

Will Young – 'Come On' - The winner of the original Pop Idol, Will's carrer ha gone on the up and up, not only does he do music but he also stars in TV shows and has even had a movie role.  He fought against Cowell to prove that he ws a real artist, not being a smug guy I think he quietly beat him.  His music is not my thing but the guy is pretty talented.

Wu Lyf - 'We Bros' - A strange group of guys from the UK, who incidentally form another indie band, they are pretty secrative about who they are or even what they do, I took a listen to this and to be honest they have no reason to be secrative, it's shit.

Chase & Status – 'Flashing Lights' - These guys have featured here a few time lately, they are an electronic duo from London, artist is a word that you can associate with them unlike Britney, this song is actually quite good, I really think I'm starting to get into this dub step thing, it's not really my sort of music but these guys do a very good job at it.

The Duke Spirit – 'Don't Wait' - An English rock band that I have never heard of, they must be doing ok though.  Just as you start typing their name into Google or YouTube it knows what you want to write, still this song is not for me.

EMA – 'Marked/Angelo' - Not to much about this girl on the Internet, she works alone although her band name wouldn't suggest it, I haven't figured out the name of this song yet it's one of the two words I have mentioned, the other is the title of her album.

Enrique (top), Grouplove
Grouplove – 'Lovely Cup' - What is it with indie rock bands right now, ever sine Kings Of Leon became such big stars indie groups are coming from everywhere, some of them are quite good, not as good as KOL of course but good all the same.  As far as Gropulove goes, I hope that's a motto they follow as they may only love there own music.

Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull – 'Like How It Feels' - I have to make a little confession, I actually quite like Enriques music, not all of it granted but some of it.  He has taken the safety ption here and got Pitbull on board, for that reason this will be a top ten hit, I have no doubt.

Mary J.Blige – '25/8' - Never heard of this lady for a long time and I'm sure she needs no introduction from me, I can't say I have ever been the biggest fan but I do like some of her stuff, not this though.

Kasabian – 'Re-Wired' - This is an English rock band that I really like, I can listen to pretty much all of their music and this latest release is no exception to that, I heard these guys perform this live on TV last week, I think it may have been better than the actual video version.

The King Blues – 'The Future's Not What It Used To Be' - A pretty famous English punk group who I have never heard of, this song ain't bad though, It's not something that I could enjoy time and time again but one listen is not to bad.

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