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Sunday, 23 October 2011

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Just as Transformers 3 is wrapping up at the cinema Paramount have made an announcement that they are going to be making 4th and 5th movies also.  Hasbro are keen that director Michael Bay is back on board and the movies will be shot simultaneously, just like the final two Matrix movies, we all know how that turned out…..Well actually we don’t, I’ve seen that a bunch of times and still couldn’t tell you what it was all about.

It has been confirmed, or at least is thought that Shia LeBeouf will not be back for either of these two movies, however Jason Statham’s name is doing the rounds right now but no formal offer has been made.  Personally I think they should leave it at three, I thought the first one was good, didn’t have any desire to see the second one and even less to see the third.  The only reason for bringing it back really could be the fact the third movie grossed over $1 billion.

What do all of these shows or movies have in common, White Chicks, Scary Movie, Little Man, In Living Colour, The Wayans Brothers and My Wife and Kids?  They are all produced by The Wayans brothers who also tend to star in them all to.

Now they are back with a brand new sitcom on ABC, It’s not titled as yet but Marlon Wayans has been giving a little up on what things will be about.  He said the show is going to have a couple/buddy cop feel about it, and guess what Marlon plays a married cop, sounds like White Chicks for TV to me.  There is no name on who the other cop will be, or at least Marlon Wayans hasn’t named the person yet.  What we do know is the character will be moving in with Marlon and his wife.  It will be pretty stupid no doubt but anything which these guys have been involved in is usually pretty funny.

Two names in the music industry that you usually wouldn’t associate with each other is Eminem, the hip hop and rap superstar and Elton John, the mild mannered guy from the 70’s.  Turns out though they are pretty good friends, so much so that they are on the phone to each other at least once a week, Eminem told Rolling Stones Magazine Elton likes to check I’m on the up and up.

The friendship came following the height of Eminem’s drug addiction when after one overdose he was told by doctors he was only a couple of hours away from dying.  He spoke about his addiction to Ambien, a prescription drug which Eminem says was killing his Brain cells.

Eminem said that during the peak of his drug addiction he was taking 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills a day.  That was back in 2007 when he overdosed on Methadone, the drug which is used to wean drug addicts from Heroin.  Dr’s told him the amount of Methadone he took was the equivalent to four bags of Heroin.

That’s where Elton stepped in to help, Eminem says Elton was the first person he called when he wanted to get clean, Em says he keeps all of his writing from those drug addict days to remind himself that he never wants to go back to drugs.

Ok last but not least I ran by this video on the net this week thanks to Slash film, the video comes from a YouTuber, Midians Music (check out his awesome channel) who has put together a very entertaining little video with his idea of an alternate ending for Back To The Future.  Not news I know but thought I should share it with you, it is pretty clever. 

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