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Movie Review Time: MAGA PYTHON vs GATOROID (TV 2011) Starring Deborah Gibson

Monday, 17 October 2011

This made for TV movie carry on and watching SyFy is really starting to become to much of a gulity pleasure for me, by now I should know what to expect and really should just stop being lazy and reach for my DVD player.  Never the less another SyFy movie down the hatch and reviewed for your enjoyment, prepare for shocking horror, sorry I mean laugh's!

Starring: Deborah Gibson, Tiffany, A Martinez and Kathryn Joosten

The Plot

Hold the phone, there is a crisis in the Florida Everglades.  It has been taken over by giant Pythons who are wiping out the Alligator population in alarming circumstances.  Turns out the only way to change the fortune of the nationl park is to feed the native Alligators with Chickens (dead one's) which have been laced with steroids in order to pump them up to the max.  Lot's of people get eaten, a couple don't and hey ho there you go.

The Verdict (Terrible would cover it)

Fake looking monsters who don't even look like they belong in the set, bad editing which makes said monsters look like they don't belong and terrible acting from pretty much the entire cast of this movie who at times struggle to even look at the same part of the screen where the creature is supposed to be.  

It really was this bad!
I think this is the worst effort I have seen from SyFy in a while, this movie was made for TV this year (2011) and with that you would expect the editing and CGI to move along, sadly on this occasion it simply doesn't and this is as cheesy as cheesy gets.  In fact half way through this I could easily have switched it off and I would say I enjoy Jake And The Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior more than I enjoyed this movie, trust me it's actually better edited.

Seriously, some movies do get wrongly branded don't they?  This movie is billed as a monster thirller by SyFy.  WOW, this should be good then. The last moster thiriller I watched from them was Swamp Shark (2011) a movie which like this is very tounge in cheek but a whole lot better with story, characters, editing, pretty much everything really.  This really should go down as a monster comedy, seriously.  It may well have had more viewers had they done that and that really is what we should expect when you see the DVD cover.

It just keeps getting better!
The characters are terrible and their acting....Well, with no formal acting skills I think I could have done a better job if I'm honest.  The director says watch this Tennis ball that's where the creature will be, that can't be difficult can it?  The two cops or park rangers, what ever they are there as wooden and hammey as they come, I can't think they have to many scripts sitting on their desks right now.

This is a monster comedy like I have said above, and like me the only reason you could have for leaving this on would be that you are laughing so hard at everything that is so terrible in the movie you simply can't control yourself to change the channel.

Would I watch it again?

Unless someone taped me to the sofa, laced me with alcohol or narcotics then I don't think I will be watching this movie again.

Rating: M (and that's being generous)
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