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Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's going to be a good mixtape this week I can feel it.  Loads of new music releases to get through, remember there is just me looking at this so if there is anything that's upcoming music wise that you feel I should know about, let me know via comments.  I'll take a look and let you know what I think.

First up in the mix this week, it's the return of American rap superstar Flo Rida.  Flo's first album "Only One Rida (Part 1)" brought us about four hits, he has collaborated with some big artists.  This new song Good Feeling is taken from his second album "Only One Rida (Part 2)", pretty original right?  All joking aside this is a decent tune which should rank pretty well in the charts both in the US and the UK.  I recognise the backing track and possibly the cores but can't think where from, any suggestions?

Up next this week it's James Morrison, an artist I'm not to keen on but I do like this latest offering.  Up features Jessie J, another artist who I can't say I'm all that clear on, I just don't get her music that's probably it and to be honest I don't like her voice.  In this song though I would have to say that I concede, this girl can actually sing and along with Mr Morrison in this track she does a great job.

Ok one more video for you now, it's from Ed Sheeran and it's called Lego House, I have this guys debut album and have to say that I am mightily impressed, his previous single You Need Me, But I don't need you featured here a few weeks back on the mixape, I loved that and the acoustic version of this song I just can't fault, this is the kind of music I love, striped back.  You can here the instrument and the singing.  I can only imagine that Ed Sheeran is currently following best pal Example to the top of the charts .

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