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Review: HOMELAND 1.3 - Clean Skin

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Solid as a rock, that’s probably one of the first things that springs to mind about this show.  Clearly it has fast become the best new drama on television, and like I said during the first review the show could become the next big thing for Showtime, will it run for more than one season?  Due to the fact that most of the writers involved wrote 24, then I would say yeah.

Weather they stretch the current storyline for more than one season or they come up with something else remains to be seen.  The story is moving along pretty quick though, this week saw the story of Lynne (Brianna Brown) really pick up some steam.  Lynne is the undercover operative sent into the front line so to speak by Carrie (Claire Danes).  She lives with a wealthy Saudi Prince who is believed to be funding terrorist Abu Nazir.  Her story will go no further though as she was killed in the back ally of a night club this week, has she been set up?  Maybe the prince is the man everyone expects, or maybe he is really as beaten up about it as he seems.

The show itself kind of reminds me of AMC’s The Killing, not in story in any way of course, it’s the acting ability of all who are involved in what is a pretty heavyweight drama where you can expect little laughs.

8 years away from your wife and family is a long time, by now the family have presumed their Husband and father Nick Brody (Damian Lewis) is dead, the family have come to accept that they would never see him again until he is found and flown back to friendly soil.  By this time his wife has moved on with her life, sleeping with Mick, Nick’s best friend and kind of uncle to the children.  The kids know what’s been going on and more aware to the fact is Dana (Morgan Saylor) who currently seems to despise her mother for the effort she has made to make them look like the perfect family. 

Of course in 8 years Technology also moves on, and that did provide a little light hearted laugh amongst all of the heavy stuff, just as Dana is really off with her mother again, Brody goes to speak with her and all you can hear is laughing, he comes out the room to tell Jessica (Morena Baccarin) that he had been watching some video named YouTube.

The Brody’s spent most of this episode gearing up for a primetime interview with one of Americas biggest hosts, an expected audience of 10 million or so is enough to make any one nervous and Brody is less than willing to become the military’s poster boy, whilst at the same time daughter Dana seems as if she may reveal all about her mother and there all so perfect life to the American public on live TV.

The show really is picking up steam but, like I mentioned in the reference to The Killing it’s going to be heavy going and will keep you on your toes guessing where the plot is going.  Another twist was thrown in right at the end also when we saw a Muslim man and his American wife buying a home near to an airport.  This far Brody has done nothing to suggest that he has in fact been turned and it would seem that his only change is that he has converted to Islam.

Homeland continues Sunday October 23rd on Showtime
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