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Review: DEXTER Season 6 Episode 2 - Once Upon A Time...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Did you catch the Dexter preview which I put out yesterday?  If not then I wouldn't bother you've seen the episode now and all I'll tell you is that the previews lived up to their expectations and then some.  One story line I was expecting and one which I think is going to throw in a big friendship or maybe even a twist this season.

The religious theme really has been pushed on this week, not so much from Dexter though.  A new character Brother Sam (Mos Def) or Samuel Wright as he was known in his former life, an ex convict who has come out of prison and at this point would seem to have done some good, setting up a garage and training other ex cons mechanics and bodywork skills.  Is Brother Sam all he seems?

One thing to get out the way first, I loved the scene with Dexter and Debra when she told him that Quinn had proposed to her, exactly the kind of conversation two divorceis should be going through right (that's thanks to Ruben I didn't even know they were married).  I can't remember the exact conversation but it went along the lines of Debra asking Dexter about the proposal, she told him Quinn was a lot better than the s*!t she has had for the last couple of years, probably referring to ex boyfriends from the show but you can't help but imagine that they are secretly having a little dig at each other on set.  Not only did Debra get proposed to this week but she also got made Lieutenant, the youngest one ever in Miami Metro.

For Quinn I feel the tables really have turned, I feel sorry for him this season.  Last season I would have quite happily seen him M99'd and on Dexter's table, I still think eventually he might end up going that way.  Maybe it won't be on Dexter's table though, Debra's dark passenger may well catch up with her and being Quinn's boss she may decide to off with him.  I am probably totally wrong on all of that so just ignore me.

Mos Def has now joined the cast, a welcome inclusion in my opinion.  I knew him as a rapper but, as an actor I have only seen him in 16 Blocks starring Bruce Willis.  In that movie he done a great job and I'm pleased to report that his role as Brother Sam in this season of Dexter looks like it will be no different acting wise, just like Johnny Lee Miller in season 5 Mos Def held his own against Michael C Hall on screen.  This time round though I think Dexter's new main character may well play a bigger role in the whole scheme of things, maybe even running Into a seventh season.

Brother Sam is a reformed criminal remember, Dexter was sure the guy had not shed his dark passenger that easily but, thus far it would seem he has and I'm really looking forward to seeing his character develop.  I'm going to make a little guess and say that Brother Sam is going to become a god friend of Dexter and help on the way to solving what Travis and professor Geller are up to.  Their two characters are still pretty shady up to now we really don't quite know what their up to but it would seem like professor Geller is the ring leader in what looks to be ritual killings.

Masuka makes me laugh he is such a perv, remember last week he selected the intern with the highest grades, unfortunately he fainted on the job so it was welcome back to the hot intern wholikes to come to work partially dressed.  Masuka loves that, I had to include the photo for your pleasure, hey I'm a guy right.  It was also good to see Harry back in full swing this week giving Dexter his little pep talks, second to that Harrison, Dexter's son is also back, they got a bit of a routine thing going on.

I really enjoyed this episode, not quite the action we are used to but entertaining as always and the introduction of Mos Def really went down well for me, I think the inclusion of Colin Hanks was also a pretty cool choice just like his father he is proving to be a quality actor, roll on episode 3.

Dexter Season 6 body count: 4

EP 1: Ben (ambulance driver/technician)
EP 1: Roger (ambulance driver/technician)

EP 1: Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)
EP 2: Julio Benes (Gang banger)

Dexter continues on Showtime Sunday October 16th 2011 at 9pm.
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