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TV Previews: DEXTER 6.3 "Smokey and the Bandit", HOMELAND 1.3 "Clean Skin", TERRA NOVA 1.4 "Runaway" and PERSON OF INTEREST 1.5 "Judgment"

Sunday, 16 October 2011

What’s happening in your favourite show this week?  Well this is your best place to find out with preview videos of Dexter, Homeland, Terra Nova and Person of Interest for you.  Do you like this post?  Let me know.  I’m hoping it can become a more permanent fixture here on a Sunday and it seemed to do pretty well last week.

I’ll go with Homeland first this week as I’m trying to catch up with it right now so I can review it, I don't want to give to much away to myself at this point so all I'll say for this episode is that it looks like another great installment with things really kicking up a gear and the Brody family reluctantly agree to a television interview following the return of their hero.

Next my personal favourite Dexter is back this week with the third episode of the sixth season named “Smokey and the Bandit”, I was really impressed last week remember following the introduction of Brother Sam (Mos Def), a reformed criminal who seems to have mended his way.  We still don’t know to much about Travis or Professor Geller but it looks like this week they are taking their killing to an all new twisted level.  Elsewhere Dexter is given a glimpse into his future when a serial killer from the past makes a re-appearance while Debra is uncomfortable in her new job as lieutenant.   

Have to mention Terra Nova I suppose, it showed some real promise during the two hour premiere, the second instalment was ok then last week really disappointed me.  I realised then Terra Nova is nothing more than a family show that’s probably designed for parents to sit with their children and watch.  I still haven’t decided weather to keep up with America as I have been or just watch this at UK pace, maybe I’ll see what epsidoe 4 “The Runaway” is like before I make my decision.  This episode looks like it’s going to get back to the core concept of Terra Nova and The Sixers.

Last but not least this week it’s Person of Interest, this show really kicked into action during episode 4 and this week’s preview to episode 5 “Judgment” looks just as promising.  Last week did not really have an ending with us left wondering what happened to Andrew, did Reese Shoot him?  Or, did he shoot himself?  I not holding my breath that we will find out as this week seems like a whole new story.

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