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DEXTER Season 6 Episode 1 - Those Kinds Of Things

Monday, 3 October 2011

STOP! HAMMERTIME, still great...Dexter - Lumen still = a great show and the first episode of the new season did not disappoint at all, new story, new theme and some interesting new characters for us to get our teeth into every week.  Unlike many of you I haven't really missed Dexter to much, I'm late on this show remember and only started watching it during season 5, meaning it's only been off my screen for a month.

Everything we have seen in the build up to the 6th season of Dexter has been religious in some way, portraying Dexter as some sort of angel, a man with a higher purpose.  Those Kinds Of Things was all about that starting at the very beginning with Dexter looking for Harrison's school and then onto the new bad guys (no names yet) but, they are very religious from what we heard in the first episode, seems like some sort of ritual killing.

Whilst we are mentioning the new bad guys we may as well discuss who they are (real names).  First up is Edward James Olmos, the leader of the bad guys if you will not to many lines for him right now he has simply been instructing the other newbie to do stuff.  Colin Hanks, the other newbie and the best installment for the show especially after letting the talent of Julia Stiles go.  Colin Hanks is an actor I don't know to much about and in the first episode of Dexter's 6th season he had very little to do or say but, when he did speak or was involved in a scene you are gripped and I'm sure that as this season progresses there will be some major heavyweight battles between him and Michael C Hall.

The returning cast are the ones we all know and love, isn't it funny though how someone you didn't care for during the last season gets you in the first episode of the next.  I am of course talking about Desmond Harrington who plays Quinn, he had massive on screen competition from Peter Weller (Robocop) last season.  Dexter saw to that for him and now I think the dude is growing on me (not in that way) I enjoyed the part he played on the night.  As always the favourite has to be Masuka (C.S. Lee), a very funny guy who was brilliant during the opener with his potential interns.

I loved the way at the beginning we all thought Dexter had been stabbed, I really thought a hit had gone wrong or something, just then the ambulance drivers get M99'd, good stuff.  Turns out they where letting certain patients die on purpose in order that they could sell their body parts, looks like you are getting Dexter'd then guys but, not in his usual knife to the heart he decided that electrocution was a better way to do it.

With the electrocution Dexter still needs to get rid of the bodies, meaning he is out till late at night on his boat....How does he ensure they won't be washed up?  His new babysitter, Angel's sister has sort of dropped a hint already that he is out late at night on his boat, she thinks as time to reflect on the death of his wife from the end of the fourth season.  Wonder if she is going to become suspicious in anyway or weather her brother the new Miami Dade Homicide Lieutenant Angel La Guerta is going to catch wind of anything.

I have sort of touched on this with the new characters but I'm really looking forward to this new season, the way it has been billed through trailers and sneak peaks was this may be the last season, that's not official and I don't or at least hope that it won't be.  This is the best show on TV right now, it had everything as aways there was the funny side of things (usually quirky one liners), I suppose you can say action during the times Dexter is on a hit, add in some brilliant acting and you have great TV.

Dexter Season 6 Body count: 3

Ben (ambulance driver/technician)
Roger (ambulance driver/technician)
Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)

Dexter continues on Showtime Sunday October 9th 2011.
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