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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.6 - The Fix

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Another instalment of Person of Interest and I’m still really enjoying this show with this episode being up and around the same quality as the fourth.  This week Reese was treated to a guest star, a hot guest star actually.  Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) was that lady and she played a major role in yet another story which could have spanned two episodes.

Again this week Finch was also involved more than ever, if he wasn’t operational on the ground then he was speaking to Reese, giving him up to date information from his genius computer system that this week threw out Zoe’s name.

Why Zoe?  She seems to be a no one until Finch uncovers that she is unemployed but owns a $2m apartment in New York, which she paid cash for. What is she into?  “She’s a fixer” explains Reese.  Who would want to harm her? “Who Wouldn’t?”.  Reese gets close pretending to be her driver whilst Finch hacks the company’s phone so her call to check Reese out re-directs to him.  A fixer maybe, but not all the smart Zoe is about to become involved in a situation which requires Reese’s brut.

Zoe is fixing a problem for a local pharmaceutical company who have developed a drug that is not safe but is going on sale to the public.  A blogger has got his hands on a recording of a phone call which took place between Zoe and Mark Lawson, the boss of the company.  The blogger wants £40k in return for the recording that the company can’t afford going public.  I have an issue with that little plot, if the company bosses are so ruthless that they would attempt to kill Zoe, why do they need her in the first place?  Wouldn’t they just find out where this blogger guy lives and go kill him.  How do they know they wouldn’t get double played by Zoe who was bound to take a copy of the recording for her own interests?

That probably sounds like I’m nit picking, all joking asides I did really enjoy this episode and like I said above the story could have spanned a couple of episodes, maybe we’ll see Zoe make appearances later in the season.  Finch may feel that Reese requires a little help, or maybe a holiday at some point and decide to recruit Zoe, he clearly pays Reese well.  Actually we don’t know that for sure, other than being asleep in a hotel room we have never seen Reese rest anywhere, never seen where he lives, does he even sleep?  Once the jobs are complete and he debriefs Finch you think he would go home, maybe Finch funds his hotel room bill.

No work for Fusco (Kevin Chapman) this week either, he didn’t even feature in this weeks episode, all the ”good” cop action came from Detective Carter (Taraj P. Henson) who was looking into the murder of a former mob enforcer.  He had a knife sticking out his chest which was stolen from police evidence, looking into the file Carter notices a name Marlene Elias.  I don’t remember any conclusion to this story line.  Carter does exchange gun fire with someone at the end of the episode when she finds Sullivan dead in his apartment, so  maybe this is one story that will roll on along for more than one episode as well as Carter making attempts to find Reese. 
I think the story worked so well this week because of the amount of people involved, like “Cura Te Ipsum” The Fix had a bit of everything right down to dirty cops dealing in street guns.  You really don’t have to think to hard to follow any plots, you can kind of always guess the outcome but to me that doesn’t matter the show works, it’s not as good as other J.J Abrams stuff old and upcoming but it is very watchable and easy to follow.  

So all in all another good episode which was pretty much action packed from start to finish.

Person of Interest episode 7 “Witness” continues on CBS Thursday November 3rd 2011.
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