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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.4 - Cura Te Ipsum

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I'm back to loving this show again, why?  This episode was great in my opinion fast paced action, drug cartels, corrupt police officers a nurse with a dark side and an interesting little twist.  What more do you want in a TV show?  Person of Interest really brought itself back this week and seeing the preview for next weeks show, it looks even better again.

I was really looking forward to seeing some ass kicking during this episode and that's exactly what we got, eventually.  The initial build up was still interesting though, a nurse who works all day plays all night, why?  A Wall Street worker who seems pretty clean cut until his horrible past in uncovered by Reese.  Add in Reese's police mole and the Mexican drug cartel who are into him for pay offs then you can expect plenty twists and turns.

I liked the way that Finch decided to help out a little on the operational side of things this week, he got involved right at the beginning faking an illness in order to switch the pager the DR Megan Tilman was using at the hospital, whilst there he set up a little covert CCTV system to watch her at work. 

Onto the corrupt cop now Detective Lionel Fucso (Kevin Chapman), he has been in Reese's pocket for a few weeks now, that's what happens when you try to shoot this guy.  Fucso was having problems with a local drug cartel since Reese wiped out there money supply taking out all the corrupt cops they need there $1m from somewhere, Fucso may just have been it.  When he asked for Reese's help with them I'm thinking say yes, not because I like Fucso's character I just wanted to see Reese kick there asses.  Luckily for all us viewers that's exactly what we got to see with another little insight into John Reese.  He can speak Spanish, he has obviously spent time in Mexico during his time in the CIA and that helped him out of a rather sticky situation this week.

I think this episode treated us to one of the most intense stories yet, that really came through for me when Reese escaped his Mexican captors and caught up with DR Tilman at the diner, at the time she had Andrew the Wall Street banker in the back of her van and was just on her way to committing the perfect murder.  She takes a sit down with Reese realising he knows who she is and what she's about to do.  He manages to talk her out of it and leads Mr Wall Street off on his own little path.

Again this scene lead us to a little more insight of John Reese, during the first couple of episodes he had flashbacks to a hotel room where he was with his wife (presumably), he told Dr Tilman that he lost someone close to him during the episode and during the diner sit down Dr Tilman attempted to get some more out of him regarding it, he done well to avoid the subject but looked very awkward at the mere mention of it.  Answers will come to that hopefully.  Reese also asked Finch the question why? this week, meaning why does he do the job.  Finch's answer was that he has his reasons, what are they?  Hopefully that should become more apparent to.

Trouble could be brewing up for both Reese and Finch in the form of Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson), she is looking more and more into the casino robbery and has contact with Finch, although she doesn't know his real name, well maybe she does and Finch is an alias.  Once Reese had dealt with the Mexicans he got some photo's of another corrupt cop in order for Fucso to get a job back as a detective working with Carter, this is of course for him to scupper Carters attempts to find him but, will it work?  Could the corrupt cop come good?

This was a really good installment to the show and probably was one of the best story lines they have fitted into 50 minutes so far.  One thing though!  What happened to Andrew?  Did Reese shoot him in the leg?  Has he killed him?  Or, would Andrew have shot himself? (probably in the leg).
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