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New Music Single Releases: 17th October 2011, NERO, KELLY CLARKSON, NIKI and THE DOVE, NICKI MINAJ

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Got this weeks new music releases as always for you today, all these are out now an available to buy or download, what's your favourite?

Kelly Clarkson – Mr Know It All What's the best American Idol or X Factor US?  Kelly would probably argue that American Idol is the best being the shows original winner back in 2002 she is regarded as the most successful talent show winner ever.  Can't say I have really liked any of her music, I certainly don't have any of her albums and I'm not to crazy on this new song.

You may have heard of these guys!

ASA – Why Can't We Never heard of this lady but, just in case you are interested she is a Nigerian singer/songwriter who concentrates on soul and jazz music, not my cup of tea but if that's what you like then there you go.
Bombay Bicycle Club (top), Fanfarlo
Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out Words Gone A four piece indie band from London, England.  I quite like these guys but can't say I'm to fixated on this new tune  which is taken from their fourth album "A Different Kind Of Fix".

Alex Clare – Up All Night A new artist who I haven't heard of, that's why when looking this guy up I was expecting to find a woman.  He is a guy, a British guy actually who released his debut album in July this year.

Baxter Dury – Trellick An English singer/songwriter who I haven't heard of, he has been on the go quite a while, since 2002 actually.  He is the son of Ian Dury, I haven't heard of him either but apparently he is pretty famous.

Fanfarlo – Deconstruction An English indie rock band put together in 2006 by some Swedish dude, this song is crap and they have only ever released one album, hopefully it will be the last.

Nero – Crush On You Not to be confused with the 5th Emperor of the Roman Empire.  The guys are a two piece electro drum and bass outfit from London, England.  I can't say I'm usually into this type of thing but I am strangely drawn to this song, I don't like all of the electro break downs but the beat does go well with the female vocalist they are sampling over the top, and the video is pretty weird.  The song is taken from their album "Welcome Reality", enjoy.

Heard of these?

The Japanese Popstars – Take Forever These guys are a electro outfit from Northern Ireland, I hadn't heard of them but they have won quite a few awards in the DJ world, being a former DJ I probably should have heard of them but never mind.  I don't really care for this song but I do like the single cover.

The Japanese Popstars (top), Metronomy
The Joy Formidable – Cradle A three piece band from North Wales.  Their debut album "The Big Roar" was released in January this year and seems as if it's done better in the US than it did in the UK, it reached number 8 in the states whilst only managing to climb as high as 31 in the UK album charts, this song is pretty good if you like it loud, I really wouldn't advise it if you have a bad head.

Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way Another English band for you now this new song is taken from their third album "The English Riviera" which was nominated for the Mercury music prize, it's not my cup of tea, that's pretty much the case with most of this weeks releases.

Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna – Fly The R&B star from Trinidad & Tobago is back with her new single which will no doubt be a hit as it features Rhianna, the song is not my idea of good music and for the video, well Rhianna is wearing far to many clothes for my liking.

Niki & The Dove – The Drummer This is a new band from Sweden and they are the reason I enjoy this post so much, sometimes I come across some truly great music that gets my foot tapping, haven't heard of these guys?  Check out the video for "The Drummer" below.  There is no one called Niki in the band and no Dove's feature in the video but you should definitely check these guys out.

Lana Del Ray – Video Games An American singer/songwriter who is very mellow, great voice no doubt but if I had to listen to this song for prolonged periods of time I think self harm issues may develop.

Toddla T – Streets So Warm A rapper with a name like Toddla T, I was seriously expecting this guy to be from L.A or something, maybe even Jamaica turns out he's actually from Sheffield, can't say I'm to excited about his latest release.

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