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Review: STRIKE BACK: PROJECT DAWN - Season 2 Finale, Episode 10

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The show with more testosterone than an all male prison came to it’s explosive and chilling climax this week as promised by Sky and Cinemax.  Strike Back: Project Dawn has been the hit that everyone thought it would be making stars of it’s cast and securing it with both UK and US studios for a third season.

Ok sit back breathe in really deep, and say it with me “FUUUUCCCK MEEEEE”, that line was said so often by Sgt Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) that it could have been this season’s tag line.  The thing that emphasized it most…Probably Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton’s half Australian half American accent but, it worked and the way it looks currently Sgt Scott will be the only surviving member of Section 20 to make it to the third season.

The show really centered on his character this year, not all of the focus was on him of course but the main grit to the story was all about him and the British and American attempts to set him up with a little help from Pakistan.  Scott was a former Delta Force operative who fell foul of a secret mission named “Trojan Horse”.  The American’s got away with it and he became their fall guy and ended up at UK Intelligence’s Section 20.

As far as their promise of explosive goes I would say that’s a little over the top.  Revealing would probably be more up there with it especially when you seem to be able to reason with a terrorist and his finding out of the intelligence agencies foul play around Trojan Horse.

Latif (Jimi Mystry) is the man who has been tracked for the whole of this season, the terrorist had pretty much the whole middle east in his pocket along with a bunch of corrupt US military staff and a Heroin trafficker.  At one point during the first few episodes he even fooled his way into Section 20 having them believe that he was Jamal Ashkani the head of Pakistani intelligence, and they wonder how he managed to dig so much dirt.  Latif was of course captured by Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Scott during the ninth episode, rolling into this one he was being interrogated (badly) by Colonel Elanor Grant (Amanda Mealing).

That’s probably where they get explosive from, when Latif men break into the Section 20 strong hold which they have kept secret for the whole of the season, other than knowing it was in Pakistan.  A load of Section 20 extras got shot up, the main characters survived thanks largely to Stonebridge and Scott and Colonel Grant was captured and forced to reveal all of her involvement in Trojan Horse and her attempts to aide the Americans is setting up Scott, how did that work out for her?  Not to good she blew herself up with Latif at the end of the show not wanting her secret to come out probably fearing she would be thrown into that prison I mentioned above.

The show has been a great one, a good 10 episode run has seen plenty twists and turns Stonebridge and Scott worked really well together and it’s a shame they both won’t be back for the third season, there has been plenty of knowledge on the characters and their backing stories and even the enemy where handed a good story, with plenty knife’s being dealt in the back amongst themselves.

I look forward to the third season which will start filming in South Africa in early 2012 but, who will be there!  Not Colonel Grant that’s for sure.  Stonebridge is off back to England to be a daddy, so that’s counts him out to.  Sgt Sinclair (Rhashan Stone) could well be back, probably as Colonel Sinclair.  Sgt Scott may be back, although it’s not confirmed but he left the door open at the end of the episode, roll on season 3.
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