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Monday, 10 October 2011

Since this show has just been renewed for a third season, I figured I would mention the last few episodes beginning with this one.  I watch this show every week but up until the latest I really couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to say on it.  I think now I’ve found something to say…Struggling to keep up?  I’ll give you a quick recap.

Strike Back follows an elite part of the British intelligence service named Section 20 (fictional, of course).  The unit is headed up by Colonel Eleanor Grant (Holby Citys Amanda Mealing).  The two main characters are Sgt Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), the straight laced do everything by the book kind of guy, the other Sgt Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) a former Delta Force operative disgraced and thrown out the unit, set up in his opinion.

This was the 8th episode in the 10 part series which has saw Section 20 on the trail of terrorist Latif (Jimi Mistry) who earlier on in the series fooled everyone at Section 20 having them believe he was Major Jamal Ashkani, the head of Indian intelligence.  A lot up to now has been a big build up to what we just saw this week with the introduction of a new character Hasani (Mel Raido).

Latif fools Section 20

The story to this really started at the end of episode 7 when Stonebridge and Scott were in Kosovo, there they were to trade a prisoner in exchange for some kidnapped European Union officials.  Of course things didn’t go to plan and they found themselves held captive along with the officials.

So now to this week, they need to break out and get all of the hostages out of Kosovo, problem is Hasani has a section of the US military in his pocket and they are helping him run his Heroin business by keeping his competition to a minimum.

I really couldn’t have enjoyed this episode more, it was full on from the word go.  All action, explosions, guns, fighting and of course being Strike Back plenty guys getting there way (catch my drift).  I don’t think I have seen an episode this season which I enjoyed so much, every part of it was exciting.  Ok you know that that although the main character is involved in a gun battle (1 v 8) the likely hood is your going to get hurt and that he did but still he managed to escape and give the old lady Union official he rescued earlier a smile.

This for me was kind of what made last nights episode, with Stonebridge captured saving the hostages and causing general havoc for the Kosovo Heroin traffickers was left to Scott, the playboy of the US military.  He really came into his own with the effort this week though and put in probably his best performance yet.  You still have the cheeky one liners but I think his performance may well have just booked him a role season 3.

I also think the story was helped along this week with the introduction of the new character Hasani, he is the drug king pin at the top of his game yet he still has to answer to Latif.  Working for them both were Kosovo rebel fighters and section of the US army most of whom Scott promised to come back and shoot for their double crossing.

If you hadn’t figured yet I think this was the best episode of the second series so far and I’m really looking forward to the final two episodes before the cast (not confirmed) head off to South Africa early 2012 to shoot season 3.

Strike Back: Project Dawn continues on Cinemax (US) Friday October 14th and on Sky1 HD (UK) Sunday October 16th 2011 with episode 9.
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