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Review: THE WALKING DEAD 2.1 - What Lies Ahead

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ok first off I have to apologise, I have not seen any of the first season of this show.  Is that a good or bad thing?  I’m not sure.  I took to this season after reading so many rave reviews regarding the last instalment I thought I really couldn’t miss it. 

So what does lie ahead for this show?  Plenty would be my opinion, I didn’t think a show on people killing zombies would be all that capturing but I was wrong.  I have read plenty already about AMC having to cut down the budget for the show, this has impacted mainly on the special effects.  During this season 2 opener the special effects where great especially for TV and I can’t see them being any better first time around.  Not only are the zombie effects (facially) great but, the sound is also brilliant.  The squelching noise that comes over when cutting open zombies plus the noise they all make whilst migrating to wherever they are off to.

Like I say I haven’t seen the first season so I may need a little help in answering some questions.  I take it from the first episode set in Atlanta, Georgia that the capital of America's south is dead, well zombiefied any way.  There are a group of survivors led by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), they don't all get along great and some of them have an issue with Rick.  Rick was talking to someone named Morgan on the Radio, well actually no one was talking back.....Who is Morgan?,  clearly I needed to see the last episode of the first season to figure that one out.

The group of survivors are heading for Fort Benning, is it safe there?  Along the way they run into a little snag turns out even when no humans live in Atlanta the traffic on the interstate is still terrible, then the RV breaks down, what are the chances!  Next thing a load of walkers come trudging through with the group forced to hise under cars and in bathrooms.

That brings me to the first bit of quite impressive gore, the walker finds Andrea hiding in the toilet of the RV, luckily for her she had just been handed a screw driver from Dale who managed to hide on the roof, she stabs the walker straight through the eyeball, great shot.  Just as she is doing that Daryl is outside helping out T-Dog, he manages to stab a walker right in the brain stem.  It didn't look to me like they where withdrawing the special effects budget, and the moments the walkers were walking by provided a really gripping couple of moments.

Amogst all the madness a little girl named Sophia has to run off into the woods, she is being hotly persued by two walkers, I mean it was no where near as imperssive as the "zombie massive" taking a stroll along the Interstate which by the way is a real interstate in Atlanta where the crew housed themselves for 4 days along with 150 zombie extras.  Back to Sophia it was some trek through the woods but they still haven't found her, there were more than her fair share of zombies in there too but, hopefully she will show up next week.  One thing we do know is that zombie did not eat her, it was pretty throughly disected.  There was that gun shot though, right at the end.

The reviews that I have read up to now have throughly lived up to their expectations and this episode provided my with a great hours worth of TV, I have to say I am The Walking Deads new biggest fan.  TV like this just simply can not be missed and I can't wait for the next installment.
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