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Review: TERRA NOVA 1.4 - The Runaway

Monday, 24 October 2011

Did you catch last weeks review or Terra Nova?  If you just want a quick re-cap then I'll give it to you, it went along the lines of the show being nothing more than a early evening show for parents to watch with their teenage kids.  Did it improve any this week?  Yes would be the short answer but I still stand by my review from last week.

This week did have a good little twist that may keep people watching but for me it was nothing like the preview promised, of course there you only get two and a half minutes.  In that they cram the weeks best bit in.  I remember reading about this show before it came out, it came with a pretty hefty budget.  From that you would expect great special effects which is what you get where the dinosaurs are concerned but clearly that's as far as it stretched.  I was expecting to see something like Lost, you know people running round the jungle chased by polar bears, well dinosaurs at least.

You do get the chasing of course but, it's not anywhere near the same level of excitment you had in Lost, I know this show  is probably aimed more at kids but like I said above with the money they have spent you expect more.

This week saw a young orphan girl come looking for asylum in Terra Nova, or at least that's how it seemed at first, the little twist there didn't really take to long to work out, in Lost they may have dragged that out the whole episode and managed to keep you guessing all the way.  The girl was of course sent to Terra Nova by Mira, the leader of the Sixers.  Her mission, to retrive something from the house where Mira lived before her and her 6th Pilgrimage followers left Terra Nova to form their own colony.

Was this girl telling the truth, did she get fed on scraps?  She did seem to tuck into the food on offer over at Terra Nova which makes you think that what she was saying is true, she doesn't want to live with the Sixers.  She told the truth about her brother and seemed genuinly sorry for what she done to the Shannon family.  Would it be to easy to think that she has conned Jim Shannon, Commander Weaver and all of the Terra Nova residents once again?  Maybe this was Mira's plan all along to get both of them into Terra Nova, have them looked after by the supposed spy she has there, they could be laying foundations for the take over that Mira has planned.

Mira and her clan did of course have the chance to cause some of the Terra Nova police harm this week, she captured Alicia, Carter and even Shannon at one point she had them ready to kill if she wanted to but that's not her mission as she told Shannon in the big reveal.  Commander Weaver has cut some bridges back in 2149, people there want him over thrown but, who?  She wouldn't give that away and she clearly left a little seed in Shannon's mind as he nefglected to share that information with Weaver when he got back.

All in all I would say this was better than last weeks Star Trek esque episode but it's still not grabbing me, this week I didn't watch the show until Thursday, I normally watch on a Tuesday, it doesn't help with all of the other TV shows on right now that are better than this.  I probably will keep watching more for the who should be running Terra Nova colony story than anything else but I just not to excited that this show is going to come up to scratch of what's already on TV. 
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