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Review: DEXTER 6.3 - Smokey and the Bandit

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Good to see that the preview didn’t disappoint and just show us all the best bits, this was another solid week for TV’s best show throwing up a couple of surprises but keeping the lid on the mystery surrounding Travis and Dr Geller.

This week was all about another serial killer, one who Dexter was himself fixated with when he was in high school, The Tooth Fairy (not The Rock), Walter Kenny is now 70 years old and living in a retirement village unleashing his serial killer side on occasion when he’s not on the golf course.  Just as the story was coming about I was starting to think that maybe Dexter had it wrong and maybe Walter was just the biggest asshole on the go, I thought maybe Dr Geller was the Tooth Fairy and he was training up young Travis on his dentistry skills.

Now I have to mention Masuka as always, this guy is awesome and no matter where you work you always get a Masuka.  His new intern Ryan Chambers (Brea Grant) is really starting to freak me out a little though.  Could Dexter have some inter officer serial killing competition on his hands?  I think maybe he could just like Dexter, Ryan has been studying notorious serial killers for years, she even painted her finger nails in the same way one serial killer painted his victims, now that’s weird.  We will wait and see weather she turns out to just be a really geeky lab geek or some serious competition for Dexter.

Back to the main story of the night now, Dexter seemed to take a bit of a liking to old Walter who questioned “do you get off hanging out with corpses?”, yeah he does actually Walter, that’s his thing.  This and the golfing trip really cracked me up, they should have trailed the Tooth Fairy story for at least another episode, this guy was hilarious, I know he deserved the M99 treatment but he was pretty funny. 

Dexter was of course doing his background checks on Walter which resulted in him being shown the lockup, or Walter’s lair as it probably should be known.  Dexter managed to get in and take a look but, would you really want to sit in that chair?  Considering the magazines Walter took in there with him I would say not, although he wasn’t in there to long but at his age…..Who knows?

They seem to be keeping the Dr Gellar and Travis side of the story pretty tightly wrapped right now, no doubt these two guys are pretty warped, well that’s definite for Gellar but I think Travis is simply being led down a path.  Possibly Gellar’s fall guy when things go pear shaped.  I have to say also I’m pretty impressed with Colin Hanks right now, I haven’t seen to many of his movies but just as you would expect his acting skills are stellar and I think come later in the season there should be some real big show downs between him and Dexter.

I’m really looking forward to the Brother Sam story being developed also, again Mos Def isn’t someone I have seen a lot of acting wise but he proves week on week he can cut it with the best of them, again his role this season is not totally clear as yet, is he straight now?  Or does he still have the dark side to him?  I really think it will develop in the way I mentioned last week with him and Dexter becoming good friends.  Will that mean he finds out what Dexter does in his spare time?  Will he help Dexter deal with that?  Or will Dexter be forced to deal with him when he does find out?

Another great episode with Travis and Gellar chalking up another victim, or at least it seemed that way, we didn’t see them actually kill anyone but then again we didn’t see Dexter kill Walter but I think that’s a safe bet.

Dexter season 6 body count: 5

EP 1: Ben (ambulance driver/technician)
EP 1: Roger (ambulance driver/technician)

EP 1: Joe Walker (High school reunion, college Football jerk)
EP 2: Julio Benes (Gang banger)

EP 3: Walter Kenny (The Tooth Fairy)

Dexter continues Sunday October 23rd at 9pm on Showtime
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