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Review: HOMELAND 1.4 - Semper I

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

For me this has got to be the best episode to this show so far, I have mentioned in previous reviews that Homeland is pretty tough going kind of like AMC’s the Killing.  I still haven’t changed my opinion on that but this episode was brilliant and it has now thrown in an all new way in which the story could go.

We saw probably the first stages of paranoia involved with Brody this week when he believed for a minute that a man was standing behind him and staring at him through the mirror.  Brody has returned to his homeland the all American hero and the military and the press really want to exploit that with little regard to his feeling or handle on the situation.  He was gearing up this week to give a speech to troops, motivating them for the gulf war they are about to become involved with.  Brody does this with ease, that’s the structured environment he knows being a man amongst men.

The Brody family story is really starting to pick up pace with Brody himself all to aware of what his wife and best friend Mike have been up to whilst he has been away for the past eight years.  He has never accused either out right but clearly he knows what has been going on.  I though at one point when he was standing polishing his gun that Mike was done for and Brody was going to unleash a little friendly fire on his former best friend, turns out not to be the case he only wanted to shoot the Deer in his back yard which had been trampling on his new flowers.

Carrie has now had to take the surveillance equipment out of the Brody house hold, that’s where the new bit of the story is coming for me because Carrie still does not trust Brody believing him to be a sleeper.  That’s really going to open things out a bit as far as tracking him goes, rather than watching him from the comfort of her living room she will now be forced to follow him.  Brody knows who she is so that’s not going to be easy.

Carrie is now going to be put in an even more dangerous situation though with CIA Deputy Estes (David Harwood) asking young agent Danny Galvez (Hrach Titizian) to watch her and report back on any extra curricular activities she may be involved with.  Form that meeting we got to find out who the man buying the house next to the airport, Raqim Faisel (Omid Abtahi) was followed by Carrie and Galvez heading back to his home however a call was made to his wife to warn him that he was being followed, he calmly drove past his house and no sooner did he come up in enquiries he has been cleared.

A really good instalment to what looks like it is going to be a really brilliant show, once again all involved where on top form and no doubt the story has a lot deeper to go in relation to everyone involved.  Like I said don’t expect laughs but do expect brilliant story lines and brilliant acting.

Homeland continues on Showtime, Sunday 30th October 2011
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