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TV Previews: DEXTER 6.4 - The Angel Of Death, THE WALKING DEAD 2.2 - Save The Last One , HOMELAND 1.5 - Blind Spot, PERSON OF INTEREST 1.7 - Witness, TWO AND A HALF MEN 9.7 - Those Fancey Japanese Toilets

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ok so I’m back with all of this week’s TV previews, this post is actually becoming quite popular. You’ll notice that Terra Nova is missing, it had a weeks break and is back tomorrow night, you can go check the preview HERE.  Don’t forget subscribe to the site (Facebook, Twitter, RSS), once you’ve watched you favourite you can come back and get the review through the week.

On with my favourite show first as always, the plot is really starting to thicken in Dexter with him managing to catch a glimpse of Travis (Colin Hanks) at the very end of the last episode.  This week looks amazing with Dexter doing just what you would expect and being hot on the trail of Travis.  In This episode it looks like Travis may be at the front of things rather than Dr Gellar who remember may not even be a real person, that hasn’t stopped the press getting hold of his name and placing his photo on the papers front page.

Next were off to Atlanta, well somewhere near there anyways to catch up with The Walking Dead, last week saw Rick and Lori sitting at their sons bedside after he had been shot, for them this week it’s more of the same.  In the mean time Dale and that other dude (don’t know his name) were left at the Hospital last week surrounded by zombies, not good.  They are on the run during this episode and Daryl and Andrea continue their hunt for Sophia.

Another show which is really hotting up, maybe thanks to what I said reviewing last week’s episode.  This week sees Brody meeting up with the only surviving member of his captors leading Carrie to believe that she may have been right all along and Brody has been radicalised as she suspected.  For this week though Carrie has got other things to worry about as the agency are hot on the heels of the couple who bought the house near the airport with money from a stolen necklace.

More ass kicking for you now where we move onto Person of Interest and ass kicking seems to be the order of the day.  The episode looks really good, they all have been lately.  Reece gets threatened with a kitchen knife, oohhh scary and he shoots a bunch of people.  Mind you from the clip below Reese is leaning out his car door to do the shooting, so we can probably presume that who ever he shoots is getting it in the leg.

Since you miss Terra Nova so much I’ve decided to put this one in instead from Two and a Half Men, there having a Halloween spooktacular and I’m really hoping this trailer turns out to be a little joke.  I have been watching the show every week since Ashton Kutcher took the Charlie Harper role, I like it but do think it’s in danger of becoming a little to silly.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

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