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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood, Leonardo Di Caprio has been in some pretty big movies most of which I haven’t got round to seeing yet, currently on my list The Basket Ball Diaries and Inception, now it looks like I will be adding a new Di Caprio movie to that list, an uber cool one which will see the leading man take the role of an assassin.

Deadline are reporting that Warner Bros. Pictures have acquired the rights to make a movie out of the best selling novel Satori.  Di Caprio has been picked up as the leading man, he will play Nicholai Hel.  A westerner raised in Japan by a group of martial arts experts.

The movie is billed as a sophisticated thriller, it has a certain hint of Jason Bourne to it, raised and taught assassin skills by his master Hel repays him by killing him.  For his actions he is thrown in a Japanese prison and tortured for three years before the CIA break him out on one condition.  He must kill the Soviet Commissioner to China.  The movie is set during the 1950’s, and Hel is betrayed by his so called allies and ends up on the run through Vietnam from American, Chinese, Russian and French intelligence agencies as well as the Corsican mob and a Vietnamese crime syndicate.

Cancel Dexter, WHAT!  Are you kidding me?  Unfortunately I’m not, it hasn’t been cancelled of yet and hopefully it won’t be but just as season six wraps it’s shooting talks between the shows star Michael C Hall and network Showtime have stalled.

The show is the biggest hit on the cable network and Season 6 opened last Sunday night with an impressive premiere which saw Dexter receive it’s highest rating ever of 2.2m (I thought it would be more).  Showtime have offered Hall a figure of $20m to acquire his signature for another two seasons, talks have come to an “Impasse” though as Hall has said he wants $24m for two more seasons which would make him one of the highest paid actors on cable TV.  Let’s just hope they get this resolved and we get another two season of a quality show, I say give him the $24m, if Charlie Sheen is worth that sort of dough then so is Michael C Hall

I got some music news for you believe it or not, well actually it’s more of a gang related story which goes back to the early 90’s it involves two record labels Death Row owned at the time by Suge Knight and Bad Bay Entertainment owned by Sean “P. Diddy” Coombs.

An Ex-LAPD detective Greg Kading has wrote a book and claimed that he has evidence that the heavyweight record producers where involved in the murders of both Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.  He claims in the book that the LAPD had evidence which was suppressed, it included taped confessions from hired hit men but was removed just before the case was solved.  Sean Coombs has E-Mailed LA Weekly saying it’s pure fiction and completely ridiculous.

More good news now, hit TV show Strike Back has been commissioned for a third series.  The British drama is currently coming towards the end of it's second series on SKY1 (UK) and HBO/Cinemax (US).  The third series will once again be a co-production between Sky and HBO/Cinemax and will start filming early 2012 in South Africa before it premiers later in the year.  The show follows a fictional part of the British Intelligence agency named Section 20 and concentrates on counter terrorism operations.  None of the cast have been confirmed as yet but I would think leading man Philip Winchester would return for another series no problem.
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