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Movie Review: THE INVASION (2007) Starring Nicole Kidman

Monday, 10 October 2011

This is a movie which I have never really felt the urge to put on in the past, but the other night it was on TV here and as usual there really wasn't much else on offer.  I thought I would put it on for 10 minutes give it a go and do a bit channel hopping.  The channel hopping didn't happen and I ended up watching the whole movie as well as the one that was on after it.

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeffrey Wright and Jeremy Northam

The Plot

A space shuttle explodes on it's way back to Earth and the fragments of the craft bring back an alien virus which re codes Human DNA.  Psychiatrist Carrol Bennell (Kidman) observes changes in behaviour of both a regular client and her ex Husband before realising that the population in general is changing.  With the help of DR Ben Driscoll (Craig) and Dr Stephen Galeano (Wright) she must try to discover a cure to a virus that effects Humans when they are sleeping.  They find that her son Ollie, who had Chickenpox as a youngster is immune to the virus.

The Verdict

First off I have read some other reviews on this movie which gave it a bit of a licking, I don't think it deserved that.  I mean it's not the best movie of it's genre and I'm pretty sure it won't have won any awards but as I always say does that really matter as long as you enjoy it.

The movie is billed as a horror, sci-fi thriller.  I agree with the second bit but horror may be a bit strong, don't get me wrong you probably wouldn't want your kids who are under 15 years old to watch it but it's not scary, more tense I would say.  There are some moments in the film where you could well be on the edge of your seat with a pillow ready to hide your face (I didn't) thinking you're about to get a real scare that to be honest never really comes.

The movie is of course helped along by the fantastic cast, Nicole Kidman has been critisised for her portrayl of the role in some things I've read but for me her performance was great, along with Daniel Craig's.  His performance was no doubt helped along by the fact that whilst shooting this movie he got the call informing him he was the new James Bond.  Then you have Jeffrey wright, I don't think I have seen him do a bad job in any movie he stars in.

Like I said with the movie Super 8, if it's super scary that you are after then this movie probably won't cut it for you.  This movie is very tense and well acted though and is definitly closer to the edge of your seat than Super 8 was.

Would I watch it again?

Probably not, this is one those movies where it's better to just say yeah, I've seen it.

Rating: MM
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