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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Shit! Cops.

First off this week I thought we would start with a bit of a laugh at Brad Pitt’s very costly expense.  I didn’t know this but apparently Brad owns his own production company called Plan B, they, well Pitt is currently producing the upcoming Zombie movie World War Z which he will also star in along with Lost’s Matthew Fox and The Killings Merielle Eno’s

Here's the funny bit!  The movie is currently being shot in Bucharest and apparently up to now some fans have not been to happy at the fact the movie had moved away from the book a little.  Now though Slash Film are reporting that the production of the movie may have one very big comparison to the book which is very realistic.  GUNS.  That’s right guns, the Bucharest set was visited earlier in the week by Bucharest’s Anti Terrorism swat team who apparently were non to pleased with the supposed “prop” machine guns.  Problem was they where actually real machine guns and were in full working order and are illegal to transport.  Brad Pitt is said to be furious, I think someone may be getting fired.

Some Noel Gallagher news for you now, he is all over the news and this site right now, thanks largely to the fact that his debut solo album “Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds” is due in stores on Monday 17th October.  The pre-order sales of his album are currently looking like he will land on the No1 spot ahead of 2010 X factor finalist Olly Murs.  Noel’s album is selling Olly's out by 13%.

What’s even better for Noel though is the album is way ahead of his fiercest rival, younger brother Liam’s band Beady Eye, there debut album “Different Gear, Still Speeding” was moderate but at this point “High Flying Birds” is selling it out by over 200%.  That left Noel in some what of a reflective mood and he decided to have a little rant about the charts, as always his little rant is very amusing and you can check it out in the video, unfortunately I couldn't get the video to embed here but go HERE and you can view it at NME.COM.

Bond 23 news now, or should that be Skyfall news.  The title Skyfall has not been officially announced as yet but that’s the one coming out the rumour mill.  The real news though is straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  Javier Bardems mouth precisely, he has released a statement confirming he will play the role of a bad guy in the new Bond movie.

There is nothing official about how many bad guys there will be, just one confirmed at this point and a strong rumour that Ralph Finnes may be involved but, as a bad guy.  Can you see it?  Conformation has also come that a beautiful French actress named Berenice Marlohe will also start in the movie, probably the love interest or double crossing spy and also confirmed is Ben Wishaw who is currently shooting the Wahcowski brother’s “Cloud Atlas”.  So nothing to official but there will be a press conference next month with more official details and it will hopefully confirm another rumour that the final scene of the movie will be shot at Duntrune Castle, Argyll, Scotland.
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