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TV Previews: DEXTER 6.4 A Horse Of a Different Color, HOMELAND 1.4 Semper I, THE WALKING DEAD 2.2 Bloodletting, TERRA NOVA 1.6 Bylaw and PERSON OF INTEREST 1.6 The Fix

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Back as always this week with all the best previews of your favourite shows, first up this week it's DEXTER.  The show is getting some real competition from HOMELAND this year but for me this is still the best on TV.  There are some disturbing events in Dexter this week which really look as though they are going to drive on with this seasons religious theme.  Horses are being rode into town but not by people, the Travis and Dr Geller story looks as if it may well pick up steam this week.  Brother Sam is a major and welcome feature, Debra finds something disturbing at crime scene and it looks like Dexter finally learns of this season's killers.

HOMELAND for you next, remember last week I was telling you that this show is pretty hard going.  This weeks looks no different and drawing from similarities with AMC's The Killing there is a real political edge to this weeks show.  Brody's behaviour is starting to become more and more erratic, leading the political drive behind his media darling status to start doubting his credentials.  Elsewhere Carrie is growing desperate for evidence linking Brody to terrorist Abu Nazir, the man she be believes is funded by a wealthy Saudi Prince, her friend Saul advises her to forget about the Brody link and concentrate on Nazir's money trail.

Ok to THE WALKING DEAD now and from the impressive season 2 premiere this week really seems to be moving up a gear, remember right at the end of last weeks show that little kid got shot, yeah.  Well this week picks up pretty much where that left off and the group of survivors are now more divided than ever.  The group make it to a hospital in an attempt to save the boy only to be met by the "Zombie massive" in what looks to be another impressive scene of special effects.  I think I may be watching this ahead of HOMELAND this week.

Anyone else becoming disappointed with TERRA NOVA?  The last two weeks have been really disappointing even episode 5 (review coming soon) which had an impressive preview failed to deliver to the standard of what's already great on TV.  The show is taking a weeks break but will be back with what is another promising preview.  A murder at TERRA NOVA, who is responsible the Sixers?  Or does the Shannon's son have a dark side that are all going to get to know about.

Last but certainly not least PERSON OF INTEREST had an impressive 5th episode (review coming soon).  As always this week there is a completely new target thrown up by that genius computer system.  This could possibly be the one story that rolls on with a possible love interest for Reese, the computer throws up a woman's SSN turns out she is a fixer (sure I don't need to elaborate).  It looks like another solid installment of the show which CBS have just ordered a full season for.

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