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New Music Releases: October 3rd 2011, EVENESANCE, DELILAH, LMFAO and MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A new post for you now to go along with the new (.com) status of the site, I’m going to give you a run down every week of the new singles released along with the regular Midweek MixTape post (upcoming music) and another new post in relation to albums, they will hopefully be on a Monday but don’t hold me to that.

Nine new singles in total for you this week from all sorts of genres, from absolute head banging mayhem to the rather more mellow rock then onto the hip hop beats, I’m really looking forward to this new post already.  Your feedback is appreciated as always.

Formed in 1995 Evenesance would probably be regarded as one of the biggest rock bands on the go right now, probably more favourably with the head banging attire than main stream music.  I’m not their biggest fan but but I do like some of their music.  Their new single What You Want was released on Monday October 3rd (UK) and has been out since August 9th (US).  The band have won some Grammys in their time and their self titled third album is due for release on October 11th, Maybe I’ll take a listen and review it for you here.

A few I haven’t heard of!

Clock Opera (top), Delilah
 CRADLE OF FILTH – LILLITH IMMACULATE (Don’t know anything about the band as I’ve never heard of them but their name would sort of point me to thinking that they are some sort of heavy metal band, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

CLOCK OPERA – LESSON No. 7 (Another band I ain’t heard of and unfortunately can tell you nothing about!)

DELILAH - GO (A girl who is pretty famous from what I have heard, I think she got there covering a Chase & Status single.)

Back to the norm now with Marina and the Diamonds, the band fronted by Welsh singer songwriter Maria Lambrini Diamandis, they shot to fame with that song lead by Marina informing us all that she was not a robot, it was pretty catchy I saw them do it live on Jools Holland's annual Hootenanny last new year, maybe I had to much to drink but I enjoyed it and now they are back with their new single Radioactive.

Some others I ain't heard of!

Imelda May (top), LMFAO
 GIVERS - MEAN (A band I have not heard of, they are an Indie group from Louisiana in the US.  Most probably similar to but not as good as Foster The People)

IMELDA MAY - ROAD RUNNER (I have heard of her, why have I heard of her?  I can't remember But she is an Irish singer songwriter who started her career at the age of 15)

VISIONS OF TREES - SIRENS (Never even heard of them, I can't find to much about them on the net!)

Last one to mention are a couple of hip hop guys who featured on my must have songs for your iPod post some time ago now.  LMFAO are DJ's Redfoo and SkyBlu who would probably be remembered in their first track more for the dancing than anything else.  Their first single is annoyingly catchy though and I heard this one a week or so ago, for me Sexy And I Know It does not have quite the same ring but, who knows maybe if I listen to the radio enough in the next few weeks it will grow on me like their last effort did.
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