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Review: TERRA NOVA Season 1 Episode 3 - Instinct

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Three episodes in now and just like I said last time out there are still so many comparisons that can be made to Lost in this show but, if you didn't like Lost then you shouldn't let the comparisons put you off because this show stands on it's own two feet very well indeed.  Following the impressive two part opener, this episode really put the brakes on a little in my opinion.

This installment was pretty much about migrating birds, kind of Pterodactyl (Pterosaurs) looking things but on a smaller scale with a lot more of a vicious appetite.  The only comparison to Lost here would be that no one new of this species, remember there was a Polar bear on the island in Lost.  The migrating birds in this episode kind of reminded me more of the Event, there was some construction in the middle of a desert there which brought a lot of Crows down, ok not the same but you can see what I mean, birds migrating.

Like I said above this episode really saw the brakes coming on, we do have 13 episodes to get through this season so that doesn't worry me, I'm not saying it was boring just that is wasn't as good as the first two parter.  Having said that I still intend on watching this every week.

This episode concentrated a little more on backing stories, firstly with the Shannon's son Josh (Landon Liboiron) and the girlfriend he left behind in the year 2149 but, mostly with Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Conn), a Kate (from Lost) lookalike, only hotter!  Her story is that she was brought to Terra Nova at the request of Dr. Malcolm Wallace (Rod Hallett) her high school sweet heart.  There is definitely going to be a Jack v Sawyer thing going on here later in the show between Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara) and Dr. Wallace.  I need to stop with the Lost comparisons I know but I just can't help it.

There were no Sixers involved this week, that didn't disappoint me to much, as yet we don't really know to much about them other than they don't like the rule of Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang) and have formed their own colony away from Terra Nova.  There really is space for something to develop here, are they just some disgruntled former Terra Nova residents?  Or should we go with the opinion of Commander Taylor and believe that they have been sent on purpose by someone in the year 2149 to upset the colony of Terra Nova?

So all in all the episode was a little bit of a bore but was enjoyable leaving you wanting more from next week.  I for one can't wait, I said last week it was more than Humans v Dinosaurs and apart from this week I'm sure it will be.

Terra Nova continues on Fox Monday October 10th with the 4th episode and the 3rd episode premiers on Sky1 the same night, both showings are at 9pm.
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