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Sunday, 2 October 2011

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I have to be honest and say that until I heard about the possibility of a biopic of Rap star Tupac Shakur I hadn’t even heard of Director Antoine Fuqua, maybe I should have, who knows?

Since hearing about that movie he has been attached to just about everything going and most recently he has took hold of the reigns from Guillermo Del Toro for the upcoming movie “Hunter Killer”.  Before that Fuqua had been attached to a string of other movies including a Chinese Epic, a movie named Afterburn and a boxing movie named Southpaw.

Fuqua's main focus was on his Tupac biopic, which he even held Internet auditions for looking for someone with the street skills to pull off the role, however the movies has struggled to get off the ground and now Relativity media almost have Fuqua’s signature to direct Hunter Killer.

The movie will be set during the cold war and follows a submarine captain who must work with a Navy seal team to rescue the Russian president.  They team up to stop a Russian General from starting World War III.  The movie is based on a book named Firing Point which is due to be released next year.

So it’s been confirmed now that Cillian Murphy will reprise his role as Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow for next years highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises.  Murphy has played the character in the last two movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (review coming soon).  This is great news in my opinion Murphy is the ultimate at being a creepy villain he’s going to be a judge in the new movie I wonder what he has up his sleeve?

I got the news over at IMDB and there they reported that some fans had been sneaking around the set of the new movie and caught a glimpse of a scene starring Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy along with a host of other characters.

So as far as we are all aware movie stars are multi millionaires but, is that really the case?  It would appear not.  It seems that only the major stars of movies are paid the big bucks and the same goes for returning movies.

American Reunion will be the fourth cinematic instalment of the billion dollar movie franchise which helped set up the careers of Sean William Scott and Jason Biggs and The Hollywood Reporter is saying that they are going to be the best looked after this time around with their signature for the movie worth a cool $5m dollar pay cheque each, not bad if you can get it!  On top of that they will also be paid a hefty part of each dollar that the movie takes.

Coming down from those salaries to $3m each are stars Eugene Levy, the man who has kept the DVD franchise of the movies alive, and also Alyson Hannigan  will receive the same sum thanks largely to her keeping up her star profile on CBS show How I Met Your Mother.

Other stars who were involved in the original movie Chris Kline included have taken major blows, they are all believed to have been signed on for fees ranging from $500k to $750k, a long shot from the actual stars of the movie, it is believed that if the movie does well that they may receive some of the gates receipts, if their lucky.

Worst off of them all though is the person who I have least sympathy for Tara Reid usually brings the trouble to her own back door and her fee is rumoured to be around $250k.
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