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Review: TERRA NOVA Season 1 Episode 3 - What Remains

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What does remain?  That's a pretty good question.  Can I ask one of my American readers does this show air at 7pm or 8pm on Fox?  The 8/7 thing they promote confuses me.  If it starts at 7pm then in England it would just say aires at 7pm, saves any confusion.  I only ask this as the show goes out in the UK at 8pm on Monday night, after watching this episode I am wondering why.

I really wanted to like this show, a completely unknown cast (almost) just like Lost, unfortunately for Terra Nova it's not Lost, well it is Lost actually.  Lost in the ether of TV and can not grant itself with any comparisons to J.J. Abrams hit TV show.  You may remember last week when I reviewed the third episode (wrongly titled it was actually the second episode) I said I didn't enjoy that to much, it really drew away from what was a pretty impressive two part premiere, like any TV show I thought that may just be a thing for one week.  Turns out not as this episode was terrible in my opinion, I can't say I enjoyed it at all.

I tell a little lie, I did laugh at one point when Commander Taylor and Dr Shannon were at the scientific out-post, he went out looking for a missing doctor and reported back to Shannon that they "found his boot" her reply "so he is out there bear foot" Taylor says "nope his feet where still in the boots"

Funny, after last weeks review Ruben mentioned in comments that the show reminded him of Star Trek Next Generation, I have not seen that show, I have seen bits and pieces though and can say from what I have seen in any Star Trek movie or show is what I saw during this whole episode.

It did remind me of Jurassic Park at one point, the very beginning where the DR ran out into the jungle and was eaten by that Dinosaur, it kind of reminded me of the scene where the guy was on the porta potty in the movie.

Following this weeks episode I am reminded of a UK TV show named PrimeEvil, very similar to Terra Nova it works on the idea of portals but, instead of the characters going back to prehistoric times the Dinosaurs come into the modern world with the occasional visit to cave man times from the cast.  I didn't watch that show to intensely, it's ok but is on here in the UK at 7pm on ITV, not great, especially when you have kids.

I will watch Terra Nova again next week in the hope that it does develop into something but, if I'm guessing right that it aires in the US at 7pm then I can't see it doing to well or getting any better action wise.  Since the premiere it's got a little more corny and if I were you then I wouldn't expect me to be able to come up with to may words to say about it every week.
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